A Digression from Food – Lessons from My First 10K Race

Ran my first 10k race at the FDR Park today. This was the St. Patrick’s Day Race, hosted by the Taconic Road Runners. Ran 11.06 min per mile on average with a total time of 1:08:49.3. Not terrible for someone who did not train and just showed up today. But it was also not great since my first mile was a 9 min mile.
Lessons learned:

  • Train well in advance of a race- run 3 to 4 days a week. Run more than 3-4 miles each time
  • Eat less and run more – I burned less than 200 calories with the 10k. Run to eat!
  • Need a drill sergeant or a SoulCycle instructor to yell at me while I run

When I was in mile 5, there were two much older gentlemen running on the opposite side.  One asked me, “What part is hurting now?” It took me a little bit to understand the question because nothing was hurting! The other one asked me, “Are you in the race?  Do you know you only have less than a mile to go?”

I was meandering… with music in my ears. The two gentlemen properly kicked me into gear and I took off for the last mile. I was endorphin-filled for the rest of the afternoon.


Running A 10K Race for The First Time… How to Prep with Only Five Days to Go

imageI signed up for my first 10k race today- St. Patrick’s Day Race put on by the Taconic Road Runners Club.  It will take place in the FDR Park in Yorktown Heights this Sunday, March 13th. I have not trained. In fact, I regressed and ran very little in the past two months. I hope this race will kick me into gear and start running again.

So I have got five days to race day. I believe that means my preparation should only include TWO things

Picking the right music and gear 

Knowing where the parking and registration tables are

Working on the first item – Music. This is what I listen to repeatedly, Borgeous’ Wildfire, when I do short runs. It has the crescendos that get me ramp up and the slow down to catch my breath. It kind of follows the Baroque pattern. Motivating enough, right?

I will probably need more than one song to finish the 6.2 miles. Would love recommendations from my readers. What do you say?

Wanderlust Azores- Running Through Angra do Heroismo on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas is a big deal here at Terceira and life stops during these two days. That sort of sucks for tourists. So I put on my sneakers and went for runs through the city of Angra do Heroismo. I saw a few things when I picked up my head and a few things when I kept to the ground. image Empty road into the cityimageEmpty city square on Christmas Eve!imageA bull statue representing the strong culture in the bull fighting tradition: one bull jumps on the person, one stumps on the person, and one drags the person away.imageThe city’s bull fighting arena. From middle of May to middle of October, there are on average three bull fights a day on the Terceira island. Each town will buy or commission a prized bull to represent the town in the fight. The more experience the bull, the more euro (from €1k to €3k) it commands.imageA loyal city resident that was barking at me
imageAnother city resident that didn’t trust me
imageMany city residents here. This was open on Christmas eve and I jogged through it. 🙂
image There are many patterns on the cobblestone road. This one made me smile because it looked like a child throwing a tantrum.imageFor the car enthusiast, this is an Audi A1 TDi, not sold in the US. imageKind of cute? Yet comes with a parking ticket. Warning: All adorable things in life come with baggage. imageAudi A2 TDi, not sold in the US and looking like a Pontiac Aztek or an ugly tennis shoe.imageNot as cute as the A1. Warning: Less attractive things in life tend to be less expensive and simpler to handle. imageAudi A3 TDi. Also not sold in the US. imageThe US version of the A3 is much sexier and more savvy looking.imageIn Terceira, there are no lights at major intersections. They use roundabouts. When Google Map lags behind, I go around in circles again and again until I know what directions to take. I miss traffic lights. So far, I have only seen three traffic lights in the entire Terceira island. This is on the road into the City.

What a different way of life at Angra do Heroismo. Oh, it’s about 4 miles if you stretch out the loop of the city by adding in side streets. Watch out for wetness on the uneven cobblestones.

Run Fast Live Fearless- Dobbs Ferry Holiday Hustle 5K and Reindeer Run 2015

I am not one to buy expensive workout pants because I feel a pair that costs $30 is almost as useful as a pair that costs $100. One day, I went to a SoulCycle class without a pair. Seeing how I was in a dress, it would not have been cool for the riders behind me. The cheapest option in the SouCycle Boutique was a pair of Nike capri at $98. I bought it.

Little did I know that this is a pair of powerful pants. It sent me a message. I was inspired by my pants.
This Sunday, December 13th, I will be running the Dobbs Ferry Holiday Hustle 5k and the Reindeer Run 2015 where all proceeds going to benefit the Dobbs Ferry Youth Services Council.

Would you like to join me? Let’s RUN FAST and LIVE FEARLESS in our best holiday gear. See you there. Kisses and love to all!

P.S. This is my 8 of 17 challenge, where I write one post a day until I leave for vacation on the 21st.

Rye Ridge Deli in Rye Brook, NY- A Running Challenge that Fits the Queen

Winter will soon be upon us. This is when we get lazy. We stop moving. We eat. We hibernate. As a way to combat this slow down, I am doing a 37-day challenge where each day I will run a mile, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  #RWRunStreak It’s not going to be an easy challenge with vacation in the Azores coming up, new project at work and the busy December holiday festivities.

Parallel to physical fitness, it has been more than a month since my last post. I put my head in the sand and did not touch the keyboard for a while, feeling discouraged from the endless food photos and the constant struggle to write about mediocre food that may not be memorable. But there is a saying… Something along the line that everyone is unique. Same goes for food and restaurants. I just need to find the angle.

I have 17 posts that need to be written as of today. Perhaps I could challenge myself to write one post a day from today until I leave for Portugal?

Post 1 of 17 is the Rye Ridge Deli right next to the Soulcycle studio in Rye Ridge Plaza. Rye Ridge Deli is a very popular deli that took up a huge retail space with a corner location. The prices are, well, upper end. The diner is often empty when I went. The workers are aloof but courteous. The food is below par and over-priced.

I went to Rye Ridge deli at least three times due to its convenient location and my immediate hunger. The hungrier I am, the less I care about the quality of food. The breakfast ham and egg on a bagel is often tasteless (add salt and butter please!) Below is what the waitress recommended as the best of Rye Ridge.
Brisket on Rye with pickles. This was $14 and tasteless. Without the pickles, I was thinking of leaving the entire sandwich on the table and just get up and leave.

Find your local deli that can make food with salt and fat.

This experience took place at

Rye Ridge Deli
126 S Ridge St
Rye Brook, NY 10573
P (914) 937-2131
F (914) 937-4289
E- ryeridgedelinyct@gmail.com

Typhoon Soudelor in Taipei, Taiwan – Taiwanese People Are Crazy!

Soudelor was felt in the early morning between 3am and 9am on Saturday, 8/8/15 in Taipei, Taiwan. My high-rise building (I am on the 12th floor) swayed gently by the howling wind. It felt like a an earthquake and was unsettling. Sirens from the police and the EMTs were non-stop last night.

By 3:30pm in the afternoon, bakeries, movie theaters, clothing stores, Seven-Eleven, Family Mart, Dominos, local restaurants, pharmacies, and general merchandising stores are all open and ready for business. Many people were out helping to clean up the streets. I was out running.
     Soudelor exited Taiwan about an hour ago at 2pm. The MRTs are still shut down but the buses and taxis are everywhere. Taipei is almost back to business; Taiwanese people are crazy.

Hear the wind howling?

Wanderlust Taiwan: People Watching from a Jog

Always neat to people watch in a new place. The observations can tell you so much about a culture. I left at 5:40am for a jog and saw:

  • No one runs on the sidewalk
  • All female runners wore more than I did; I was in a tank and shorts. It was 75% humidity and 84 degrees but felt like 90.
  • A female runner had a prom updo
  • A female runner had beige sparkly tights on.  See below.
  • A female pedestrian placed a large piece of cardboard on her head to protect from the sun

Ok – hard to see her beige sparkly tights.  But trust me.

Wonderfully empty street in the center of town

I can certainly identify with doing your own thing… I am Taiwanese after all.

Lessons from My First 5K @ Women’s Distance Festival- I Believe!

I did it! Finished in 31.58 minutes. Big lessons today:

  1. Really know where the race is.  Went to the wrong location…
  2. Have an awesome playlist (terrible three songs were stuck in a loop) and don’t rely on Pandora or Spotify
  3. I can go faster and push harder. I was a wimp today. My muscles are only as sore as they usually are from a SoulCycle class.  I didn’t even hit the running wall.
  4. I should run races frequently, run longer ones, and be serious about running because I love pushing myself.  There is a great satisfaction that comes from going outside of my comfort zone. Hitting that stride takes me out of my head and into a meditative state.
  5. A recently purchased pair of workout pants told me to “Run Fast and Live Fearless.”  I believe.


imageHere is the last post related to this event.

Women’s Distance Festival 5K – Join Me this Sat at 8am @ Rockalnd Lake

This is a digression from food and travel…  I am running my first 5k race this Saturday, July 11th 2015, at the Rockland Lake. Join me if you are a female.  We can celebrate with food afterwards. Women’s Distance Festival rules! See my results!