Rye Ridge Deli in Rye Brook, NY- A Running Challenge that Fits the Queen

Winter will soon be upon us. This is when we get lazy. We stop moving. We eat. We hibernate. As a way to combat this slow down, I am doing a 37-day challenge where each day I will run a mile, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  #RWRunStreak It’s not going to be an easy challenge with vacation in the Azores coming up, new project at work and the busy December holiday festivities.

Parallel to physical fitness, it has been more than a month since my last post. I put my head in the sand and did not touch the keyboard for a while, feeling discouraged from the endless food photos and the constant struggle to write about mediocre food that may not be memorable. But there is a saying… Something along the line that everyone is unique. Same goes for food and restaurants. I just need to find the angle.

I have 17 posts that need to be written as of today. Perhaps I could challenge myself to write one post a day from today until I leave for Portugal?

Post 1 of 17 is the Rye Ridge Deli right next to the Soulcycle studio in Rye Ridge Plaza. Rye Ridge Deli is a very popular deli that took up a huge retail space with a corner location. The prices are, well, upper end. The diner is often empty when I went. The workers are aloof but courteous. The food is below par and over-priced.

I went to Rye Ridge deli at least three times due to its convenient location and my immediate hunger. The hungrier I am, the less I care about the quality of food. The breakfast ham and egg on a bagel is often tasteless (add salt and butter please!) Below is what the waitress recommended as the best of Rye Ridge.
Brisket on Rye with pickles. This was $14 and tasteless. Without the pickles, I was thinking of leaving the entire sandwich on the table and just get up and leave.

Find your local deli that can make food with salt and fat.

This experience took place at

Rye Ridge Deli
126 S Ridge St
Rye Brook, NY 10573
P (914) 937-2131
F (914) 937-4289
E- ryeridgedelinyct@gmail.com

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