Lessons from My First 5K @ Women’s Distance Festival- I Believe!

I did it! Finished in 31.58 minutes. Big lessons today:

  1. Really know where the race is.  Went to the wrong location…
  2. Have an awesome playlist (terrible three songs were stuck in a loop) and don’t rely on Pandora or Spotify
  3. I can go faster and push harder. I was a wimp today. My muscles are only as sore as they usually are from a SoulCycle class.  I didn’t even hit the running wall.
  4. I should run races frequently, run longer ones, and be serious about running because I love pushing myself.  There is a great satisfaction that comes from going outside of my comfort zone. Hitting that stride takes me out of my head and into a meditative state.
  5. A recently purchased pair of workout pants told me to “Run Fast and Live Fearless.”  I believe.


imageHere is the last post related to this event.

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