Run Fast Live Fearless- Dobbs Ferry Holiday Hustle 5K and Reindeer Run 2015

I am not one to buy expensive workout pants because I feel a pair that costs $30 is almost as useful as a pair that costs $100. One day, I went to a SoulCycle class without a pair. Seeing how I was in a dress, it would not have been cool for the riders behind me. The cheapest option in the SouCycle Boutique was a pair of Nike capri at $98. I bought it.

Little did I know that this is a pair of powerful pants. It sent me a message. I was inspired by my pants.
This Sunday, December 13th, I will be running the Dobbs Ferry Holiday Hustle 5k and the Reindeer Run 2015 where all proceeds going to benefit the Dobbs Ferry Youth Services Council.

Would you like to join me? Let’s RUN FAST and LIVE FEARLESS in our best holiday gear. See you there. Kisses and love to all!

P.S. This is my 8 of 17 challenge, where I write one post a day until I leave for vacation on the 21st.

2 thoughts on “Run Fast Live Fearless- Dobbs Ferry Holiday Hustle 5K and Reindeer Run 2015”

  1. As a recently divorced westchester-person myself, I Loved reading all of this. Hope you are running the Holiday Hustle in 2015.


    1. Thank you, Jordan. My writing has been helping me through my transformation. Don’t know if I’m running the Hustle again. Haven’t been running. But the next one on my radar is the Turkey Trot in Mamaroneck. Care to join me?


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