Wanderlust Taiwan: People Watching from a Jog

Always neat to people watch in a new place. The observations can tell you so much about a culture. I left at 5:40am for a jog and saw:

  • No one runs on the sidewalk
  • All female runners wore more than I did; I was in a tank and shorts. It was 75% humidity and 84 degrees but felt like 90.
  • A female runner had a prom updo
  • A female runner had beige sparkly tights on.  See below.
  • A female pedestrian placed a large piece of cardboard on her head to protect from the sun

Ok – hard to see her beige sparkly tights.  But trust me.

Wonderfully empty street in the center of town

I can certainly identify with doing your own thing… I am Taiwanese after all.

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