Wanderlust Taiwan: 牛角. Do You Know What This Is?

I was at the open air market this morning and came across this food item at one of the stands. I remember eating these as a child. They are called “牛角,” roughly translated to “horns.” The shells on the outside are hard and have skin that can be peeled off.  The dark horns need to be cut in order to get to the meaty and starchy white middle. You can roast these over fire or eat them like so below once they are sliced open. I don’t know what this is in English and a search in either languages did not land me anywhere.  Do you know what vegetable this is? Is this a root?

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6 thoughts on “Wanderlust Taiwan: 牛角. Do You Know What This Is?”

  1. In English the plant is called Water caltrop (trapa bicornis). The fruit is called caltrop nut, devils pod and some other fancy names. It can be found in U.S. but is considered exotic so you’d have to do some major searching; California may be a good place to start, then Washington state and NY


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