Méli-Mélo of Greenwich, CT – Ranking of the Crêperies and Organic Buckwheat!

Méli-Mélo of Greenwich CT is a #crêperie and a juice Bar. It’s hugely popular during the weekend since it’s a family favorite. The crêpes at Méli-Mélo are pretty awesome even if they are made with organic buckwheat. This French eatery is casual, modern, very health conscientious and provides many vegetarian options. I was there a few times in the past and had always enjoyed it. This time I had breakfast (crêpes)/lunch (sandwich and soup) for dinner.

If you are curious about my other crêperie experiences, here is a quick run down and rank, (Méli-Mélo is number 3).  See how I favor the crêperies in the French region?

  1. La Crêpe 2Go in Montreal, Canada
  2. Crêperie NYC in Manhattan, NY
  3. Méli-Mélo of Greenwich, CT
  4. juliette & chocolat in Montreal, Canada
  5. Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market in Pleasantville, NY
  6. Little Crêpe Street in Mount Kisco, NY

FROMAGE DE CHEVRE ET SALADE AUX NOIX , (VEGETARIAN): Goat cheese, mesclun salad, dressing and walnuts. The goat cheese, dressing and walnut on top of the buckwheat crêpe tasted refreshing, although I find the mesclun on crêpe to be a weird experience.

Carrot Ginger soup (VEGETARIAN). I had many variations of the carrot ginger soup in the past and I find this to be almost excellent, other than the need to add more ginger to give it a nice kick and spiciness.

CROQUE MONSIEUR: Grilled swiss cheese on white bread with ham and béchamel served with mesclun salad, homemade dressing. This was excellent, authentically French.

JAMBON, FROMAGE ET OEUF BIO: Ham, swiss cheese and organic egg. This was my entrée and was very satisfying as a breakfast item. Just right. I wish I could have this every morning and many nights for dinner. Don’t you think it looks pretty?

CONFITURE AUX FRUITS ROUGES MAISON: Homemade 3 red fruits jam. This was the dessert and unfortunately the homemade 3 red fruits jam was not impressive.

My food memories are usually associated with a place (maybe the restaurant, the town, or the country) and the people I ate with. Usually good dinning companions tend to make the meal taste better. I think this is definitely the case for Méli-Mélo. However, overall Méli-Mélo offers a nice brunch/breakfast options that are more out of the box – my cup of tea.

This experience took place at

Méli-Mélo Crêperie, Juice Bar and Catering
362 Greenwich Ave,
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 629-6153

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