Centro in Greenwich, CT- European Thin Crust Pizza Wins

In ten days, I am leaving for Taiwan. I am going to claim the other half of me for a month. I hope to have inspiration and excitement to post engaging experiences from the other side of the globe. In the meantime, I need to finish writing the 16 posts that I have in the queue in a short and possibly boring manner…

I went to Centro in Greenwich, CT with a lot of work friends, including agency partners. Overall, the food is better than expected and above average. The appetizers, mainly their European thin crust pizza, are so much better than their entrée. So order the pizza when you are there!

Rigatoni alla Vodka: Prosciutto, peas, tomato cream sauce, crunchy bread crumbs.

Balsamic Mustard Glazed Salmon: Over spinach risotto.

Shrimp Splendido: Sautéed with tomatoes, basil, capers & garlic tossed with homemade spaghetti, topped with crumbled feta cheese.

Mixed Grill: Shrimp, chicken, Italian sausage, garlic scallion butter, roasted potatoes.

Grilled Skirt Steak: Chimichurri with roasted fennel mashed potatoes. Guess whose dish this is? Too greasy.  My original steak was not medium but well done.  In fact, they made a mistake in taking our large group order and someone (thank you, Jen!) gave me her “rare” steak that is just the right medium.

The restaurant is next to a stream with water flowing down a wall and over rocks. The patio overlooking the water feature was a selling point. The cocktail list was cute. Pizza was good. Should return.

This experience took place at

328 Pemberwick Road
Greenwich, CT 06831
(203) 531-5514

Méli-Mélo of Greenwich, CT – Ranking of the Crêperies and Organic Buckwheat!

Méli-Mélo of Greenwich CT is a #crêperie and a juice Bar. It’s hugely popular during the weekend since it’s a family favorite. The crêpes at Méli-Mélo are pretty awesome even if they are made with organic buckwheat. This French eatery is casual, modern, very health conscientious and provides many vegetarian options. I was there a few times in the past and had always enjoyed it. This time I had breakfast (crêpes)/lunch (sandwich and soup) for dinner.

If you are curious about my other crêperie experiences, here is a quick run down and rank, (Méli-Mélo is number 3).  See how I favor the crêperies in the French region?

  1. La Crêpe 2Go in Montreal, Canada
  2. Crêperie NYC in Manhattan, NY
  3. Méli-Mélo of Greenwich, CT
  4. juliette & chocolat in Montreal, Canada
  5. Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market in Pleasantville, NY
  6. Little Crêpe Street in Mount Kisco, NY

FROMAGE DE CHEVRE ET SALADE AUX NOIX , (VEGETARIAN): Goat cheese, mesclun salad, dressing and walnuts. The goat cheese, dressing and walnut on top of the buckwheat crêpe tasted refreshing, although I find the mesclun on crêpe to be a weird experience.

Carrot Ginger soup (VEGETARIAN). I had many variations of the carrot ginger soup in the past and I find this to be almost excellent, other than the need to add more ginger to give it a nice kick and spiciness.

CROQUE MONSIEUR: Grilled swiss cheese on white bread with ham and béchamel served with mesclun salad, homemade dressing. This was excellent, authentically French.

JAMBON, FROMAGE ET OEUF BIO: Ham, swiss cheese and organic egg. This was my entrée and was very satisfying as a breakfast item. Just right. I wish I could have this every morning and many nights for dinner. Don’t you think it looks pretty?

CONFITURE AUX FRUITS ROUGES MAISON: Homemade 3 red fruits jam. This was the dessert and unfortunately the homemade 3 red fruits jam was not impressive.

My food memories are usually associated with a place (maybe the restaurant, the town, or the country) and the people I ate with. Usually good dinning companions tend to make the meal taste better. I think this is definitely the case for Méli-Mélo. However, overall Méli-Mélo offers a nice brunch/breakfast options that are more out of the box – my cup of tea.

This experience took place at

Méli-Mélo Crêperie, Juice Bar and Catering
362 Greenwich Ave,
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 629-6153