Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford, CT- Another Mother’s Day Disappointment

For one reason or another, I never had a happy Mother’s Day. This past May, I decided that I was going to plan my own holiday. I chose to eat at Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford, CT because I love BBQs… What a disappointment! The food was below par.

SWAG SAMPLER PLATE: drunken spicy shrimp boil, chicken wings, fried green tomatoes, devil eggs. The shrimps and the chicken wings were average at best. The fried green tomatoes seemed interesting but had too much batter and were over-fried. The devil eggs had too much mayo and tasted disgusting.

BBQ Sliders: pulled pork with pickle. This was the best dish for the entire meal. The pulled pork was tender and juicy. the pickle was refreshing against the bad appetizers but the bun was average super market grade.

Full Rack of BBQ Pork Ribs – St. Louis ribs were dry rubbed and slow pit-smoked, then lightly glazed with their original BBQ Sauce. This was below average because the meat was dry and too fatty. The sauce was tasty but was not enough to offset the dry meat.

Side dishes are: turkey neck greens, BBQ beans with pork, Harlem potato salad. Other than the Harlem potato salad, the greens and the beans are a home run, in comparison to the sub par meat. For better southern greens, click here.

The moral of the story for Mother’s Day 2015 is to avoid chain restaurants and do a better research job. Oh – the decor of the restaurant was the enjoyable part of the experience.  It was BBQ themed.

This experience took place at

Dinosuar BBQ
845 Canal St
Stamford, CT 06902

Méli-Mélo of Greenwich, CT – Ranking of the Crêperies and Organic Buckwheat!

Méli-Mélo of Greenwich CT is a #crêperie and a juice Bar. It’s hugely popular during the weekend since it’s a family favorite. The crêpes at Méli-Mélo are pretty awesome even if they are made with organic buckwheat. This French eatery is casual, modern, very health conscientious and provides many vegetarian options. I was there a few times in the past and had always enjoyed it. This time I had breakfast (crêpes)/lunch (sandwich and soup) for dinner.

If you are curious about my other crêperie experiences, here is a quick run down and rank, (Méli-Mélo is number 3).  See how I favor the crêperies in the French region?

  1. La Crêpe 2Go in Montreal, Canada
  2. Crêperie NYC in Manhattan, NY
  3. Méli-Mélo of Greenwich, CT
  4. juliette & chocolat in Montreal, Canada
  5. Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market in Pleasantville, NY
  6. Little Crêpe Street in Mount Kisco, NY

FROMAGE DE CHEVRE ET SALADE AUX NOIX , (VEGETARIAN): Goat cheese, mesclun salad, dressing and walnuts. The goat cheese, dressing and walnut on top of the buckwheat crêpe tasted refreshing, although I find the mesclun on crêpe to be a weird experience.

Carrot Ginger soup (VEGETARIAN). I had many variations of the carrot ginger soup in the past and I find this to be almost excellent, other than the need to add more ginger to give it a nice kick and spiciness.

CROQUE MONSIEUR: Grilled swiss cheese on white bread with ham and béchamel served with mesclun salad, homemade dressing. This was excellent, authentically French.

JAMBON, FROMAGE ET OEUF BIO: Ham, swiss cheese and organic egg. This was my entrée and was very satisfying as a breakfast item. Just right. I wish I could have this every morning and many nights for dinner. Don’t you think it looks pretty?

CONFITURE AUX FRUITS ROUGES MAISON: Homemade 3 red fruits jam. This was the dessert and unfortunately the homemade 3 red fruits jam was not impressive.

My food memories are usually associated with a place (maybe the restaurant, the town, or the country) and the people I ate with. Usually good dinning companions tend to make the meal taste better. I think this is definitely the case for Méli-Mélo. However, overall Méli-Mélo offers a nice brunch/breakfast options that are more out of the box – my cup of tea.

This experience took place at

Méli-Mélo Crêperie, Juice Bar and Catering
362 Greenwich Ave,
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 629-6153