Mangez Avec Moi Express in TriBeca, NY – Vietnamese Banh Mi

Eat with me in TriBeca! Mangez Avec Moi! I went into the City to have lunch with a friend: Vietnamese Banh Mi and Bubble Tea while sitting on a bench in the park by the Hudson River, facing the Jersey City skyline and the Statue of Liberty on a glorious sunny and beautiful October afternoon. #BanhMi #VietnameseSandwiches

We went for #2, the Lemongrass Pork Chop Banh Mi.

The varieties in this tiny little shop.  Nice.

The Asian snacks. Remind me of Asia.

Just like those little breakfast shops in Taiwan. 🙂

Here is a cross-section view of the Banh Mi under too much sunlight.

Here is the baguette for the Banh Mi.

My Thai Milk Bubble Tea and his mango juice.

After a thoroughly enjoyable lunch with a view, we strolled through the park and the World Financial Center to walk back to his office. As we were taking this short 15 min walk, I saw so many food trucks: halal food trucks, fusion Asian food trucks, gourmet/unidentifiable food trucks. I smelled so many wonderful food smells. I walked by many long lines at popular restaurants. All this makes me want to work in downtown Manhattan. The variety I can get vs. that in Westchester vs. the dark, dingy, low quality food cafeteria in the office.

Love NYC today. Love the experience. I heart NYC.  I am a New Yorker.

The sandwiches came from

Mangez Avec Moi Express
71 W Broadway
New York, NY 10007
b/t Murray St & Warren St in TriBeCa
(212) 385-0008

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