H Mart in Williston Park, NY- Tasty Sashimi and Great for the Pocketbook 

I shop at Asian grocery stores, from time to time. When I am out in Queens, I tend to go to H Mart in Williston Park on Long Island. H Mart is best for one reason: You can buy reasonably priced sashimi and indulge/gorge until your heart beats with delight. You can buy all the accoutrement and make the plate real pretty. This plate consists of tuna, salmon, octopus, yellow tail, seaweed salad, and the “smelly” daikon salad (My co-workers had a huge issue with the daikon salad when I brought it into work one day.  They threatened to go to HR to stop me from eating the smelly food!) Of course, I also had ginger and wasabi. All in all, this plate was less than $50. The effort to cut up the sashimi was minimal. The presentation was beautiful.

So why wouldn’t you do the same, if you are a sashimi fan and eating out in restaurants is not always economically viable?

The H Mart in Hartsdale (Westchester, NY) has a hot food court (My post on Reliable Food Court Eating). That’s also an excellent option for delicious Asian food with ingredients straight from the supermarket. This is as close to Asian local/home eating as one gets in the New York ti-state area.

This experience took place in

H Mart
400 Hillside Ave
Williston Park, NY 11596
(516) 699-0270

P.S. This is my 6th of 17 challenge, writing one post a day until I go on vacation this month.

Wanderlust Edinburgh- Departing Tonight

I am at the Newark Airport, waiting to depart for Edinburgh, Scotland. This is going to be a quickie trip, in and out in short three days. I hope to see the castle, hear the cute Scottish accent, eat Haggis, and try the world famous Whiskey.

Isn’t this cool? I’m having Banh Mi sandwich for dinner. I love New York!


Come with me in the next few days and find out what Edinburgh is all about. Wanderlust continues for the gypsy.

Fusia in NYC – 紐約市的昇Fusia餐廳

I have been missing Taiwan a whole lot recently, for its warmth, familiarity, comfort and a sense of self it evokes. I feel homesick although home is here in New York. To honor my sense of displacement, I will write this Fusia Asian Cuisine restaurant post in traditional Chinese and submit to the fact that this post will get no SEO ranking in English whatsoever. #HomeSick

Fusia 是一個位於曼哈頓市中心的亞洲餐廳。我和我的家人在聖誕節晚上去看百老匯音樂劇,Matilda, 以前去那裡吃晚餐的。那天真是很糟的一天,如果我能重新開始,我一定會改變我的做法,不去曼哈頓! 這一家餐廳是很中式的,客戶服務不頂好,讓我們坐在洗手間旁邊。 因為這是我第一次來這兒,看了一看,餐廳裡大部份都是美國華人還是亞裔美國人,大家都說英文,連餐廳的服務員也說英文。唉呀呀呀呀!真完蛋了!


Grilled Tofu Skewers: Peanut sate sauce. 這盤豆腐是馬馬虎虎的。我真的是很想要吃台灣的臭豆腐。但因我在美國流浪二十九年,不長回家,我真需要好好學會忘記食物的記憶,不然眼淚就哭也哭不完。

Thai Calamari: Sweet chili sauce,為什麼這是泰式的小管? 笑死人啊,這是炸得很懶的義大利式的小管。難吃難吃。也很醜,長的像洋蔥圈一樣。

Miso Soup: Shiitake, seaweed, tofu, scallion。 普通,沒啥好喝。我家煮得比這兒好。香菇切得薄點兒。

Singapore Noodle: Thin rice noodle, egg, celery, carrot, pepper, onion, bean sprouts, sesame in curry sauce. 新加坡炒米粉煮得很適合美國人口味,很美式。蝦子很多很大,讓妳覺得值得這個價錢。但是,因為他太美式了,很讓我想念台南的柦子米粉。去年暑假有po過,按這兒看。也讓我想起一位董阿姨煮給我們吃的台式米粉和大腸麵線,越想肚子越餓。

Shrimp Wonton Broth Noodle:Thin egg noodle w. clear chicken broth, baby bokchoy, shiitake, enoki。這是我老公的菜,老公是我家的大廚師,所以我沒有問他的意見。 結婚這麼久了,他煮我吃,他點我吃, 我不批評!

Chicken Lo Mein: Egg noodle, onion, cabbage, squash. 這個菜的唯一好處是它很大盤。大盤而已! 足以打包,下一頓再吃。但你真的想再吃這個油油的,滑滑的,少味的麵嗎?我可憐的小朋友喜歡這個菜,她是一半美式一半台式。她也喜歡台灣的肉燥麵。

這聖誕節晚餐是我這輩子最難過的一頓 :不只是因為菜難吃,是因為心情不好。  因為那是很痛苦的一天,不管是多好吃一定會感覺像在喝苦瓜湯一樣。Fusia餐廳是一間很美式的中國餐館,菜煮給美國人吃的。正式的中餐到法拉盛去吃吧。Fusia是沒什麼特別的。

This experience took place at

Fusia Aisan Cusine
677 Lexington Ave @ 57th St,
New York, NY 10022
(212) 308-2111

Mangez Avec Moi Express in TriBeca, NY – Vietnamese Banh Mi

Eat with me in TriBeca! Mangez Avec Moi! I went into the City to have lunch with a friend: Vietnamese Banh Mi and Bubble Tea while sitting on a bench in the park by the Hudson River, facing the Jersey City skyline and the Statue of Liberty on a glorious sunny and beautiful October afternoon. #BanhMi #VietnameseSandwiches

We went for #2, the Lemongrass Pork Chop Banh Mi.

The varieties in this tiny little shop.  Nice.

The Asian snacks. Remind me of Asia.

Just like those little breakfast shops in Taiwan. 🙂

Here is a cross-section view of the Banh Mi under too much sunlight.

Here is the baguette for the Banh Mi.

My Thai Milk Bubble Tea and his mango juice.

After a thoroughly enjoyable lunch with a view, we strolled through the park and the World Financial Center to walk back to his office. As we were taking this short 15 min walk, I saw so many food trucks: halal food trucks, fusion Asian food trucks, gourmet/unidentifiable food trucks. I smelled so many wonderful food smells. I walked by many long lines at popular restaurants. All this makes me want to work in downtown Manhattan. The variety I can get vs. that in Westchester vs. the dark, dingy, low quality food cafeteria in the office.

Love NYC today. Love the experience. I heart NYC.  I am a New Yorker.

The sandwiches came from

Mangez Avec Moi Express
71 W Broadway
New York, NY 10007
b/t Murray St & Warren St in TriBeCa
(212) 385-0008

Having Pho in Taipei – Where Supply Meets Demand

What about food from Vietnam?  There has been an insurgence of cuisines from Vietnam and Thailand in the recent years.  It’s unclear to me exactly why that is but this trend appears to follow the number of the brides the Taiwanese men import from Vietnam and Thailand.  Ok, I know I sounded a bit judgemental just now.  To be a tad less biased, I should also mention that there seems to be an insurgence of western cuisines with the number of Taiwanese women who married white men and brought them back home.  Aha, now I am just discriminating everyone Taiwanese regardless of gender or their spousal choice.  Who am I to judge other people’s happiness?  This is globalization where supply meets demand.  Love comes in all different forms.

Love this bowl of pho (cooked beef) with glass noodles.  You can add all the condiments, ranging from fish sauce, white vinegar, chili, to soy sauce of various darkness.

Love this bowl of noodles in a slightly different way – love the raw beef (pho done  the right way) and the regular thin noodles.

Tender love for this bowl of noodles – it’s chicken with chicken broth.  Nothing too special but comforting.

Love love the stewed seaweed (Kombu) with green scallions.  Love the iodine and the umami it gives.
Love the softness and the hardiness of the daikon.