Little Crêpe Street in Mount Kisco, NY – Crêpes Wanna Be

Little Crêpe Street is a little crêpe place in Mount Kisco, NY. I had an enjoyable Sunday brunch there with a friend last week. This weekend I am headed up to Montreal, Canada, and will be visiting my all time favorite crêpe place, La Crêpe 2 Go. Therefore, I must write this post before I become too darn assimilated into the French culture and become highly critical of the crêpes I had. #crêpes

BANANA FOSTER: salted caramel, toasted pecans, rum flambé : It was okay. Interesting enough but the banana tasted a little too ripe for me. The toasted pecans were nice and I wish there were more rum.

SAUSAGE, EGG, PROVOLONE, tomatoes, onions: My friend had the savory crêpe and she said it was good! Looked good and smelled good from across the table.

So what was wrong with the crêpes here? Why am I having a hard time finishing this post?  They look the part. But truly they tasted like American crêpes. Not thin, not buttery. Just crêpes wanna be. They even have “CHOOSE YOUR CRÊPE: original, buckwheat, gluten free rice + lentil, or gluten free lentil.” This just sends chills down my spine. WHAT?  

Of course, my friend, originally from England, and I picked the original flour crêpes and not the bastardized version. They were still too Americanized. It’s an American breakfast slapped on a French pancake. I still remember a similar small crêpe place in Paris and it was night and day in comparison to this experience. I also remember a crêpes place in Utah where I almost had an argument with the owner on the definition of a crêpe; I got served a burrito!  Ok, I am stopping now before I completely butcher this place.

The crêpes are fine if you don’t mind the Americanized version.  If you want authentic French crêpes, do what I do -> head up to Montreal where they actually know about French food.

This experience took place at

Little Crêpe Street
29 E Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549
(914) 242-0200

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