Morello’s Dessert in Greenwich CT – Take Two on Oyster Night

When E and I finished our dinner at the Elm Street Oyster House, we decided to take a walk in the heart of Greenwich, CT for dessert. We came upon Morello Italian Bistro on Greenwich Ave. We were thinking – you know, Italians are good with dessert. Why not?  We were a little surprised. #flourlesschocolatecake #bomboloni

Bomboloni: Here is the menu description, “fresh-risen doughnuts, vanilla pastry cream, dark chocolate sauce.” Apparently this is their most popular dessert. Looks like mini donuts with cream inside. We poured the “NOT DARK” chocolate sauce over the bomboloni. We were both half expecting something great but it was not. It tasted like bread you could make with a bread machine. It tasted like sourdough. There was too little vanilla cream in the middle to overcome those deficiencies. The cream also tasted artificial.

One of my favorite dessert is the flourless chocolate cake. So I ordered, Torta al Cioccolato. Here is the menu description, ” flourless chocolate cake, rum caramel, candied walnuts, banana gelato.” It was acceptable.  It was not the typical flourless chocolate cake. It was fluffy like a brownie! But I wanted the butter and the egg experience.  Not a great one for me.  The positive is that the walnuts and the gelato were excellent. I think I would have enjoyed it better if they did not state that this is a flourless chocolate cake.

Upside: The coffee was nicely roasted, dark and dreamy. The nice waitress/bar tender took the Bomboloni off our bill since she knew we were not a fan. I guess I could give them another try.

We ended our night with silly laughter and stories from our past and present. When the company is this good, it does not matter where you eat your dessert!

This experience took place at

Morello Italian Bistro
253 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
TEL: 203.661.3443

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