The Chelsea in Fairfield, CT- The Sunrise Ginger and The Hanger Steak

I named a drink for The Chelsea in Fairfield, CT during a Sunday brunch. I loved this drink and have considered making it myself. I called it The Sunrise Ginger. The ingredients are below:

Roasted grapes, raspberries, orange juice, lemon juice, ginger, sage, agave, rosemary, sugar and water.  Oh, that’s right – plus vodka if you wish.
My Sunrise Ginger has a strong shot of ginger and is a little tart and a little sweet. Such a perfect combination for me.
HANGER STEAK & EGGS / char-grilled Hanger with 2 sunny side eggs & potato hash. Best breakfast hanger steak and eggs for me! Perfectly grilled with a crispy char that is tasty enough but not yet carcinogenic. The fried eggs were firmed and runny. My plate was polished clean.  This was the special that day and shame on me for not taking better notes. I believe this was the candied began with roasted grapes. Yes, the roasted grapes in the drink came from the same batch. Unfortunately I don’t remember how the syrupy sauce was made. The candied bacon was good – say A minus? I am partially biased because I just don’t get the big strip of bacon with crispy fat.CHURROS / ‘Spanish doughnuts’ with warm chocolate-hazelnut dip. I ordered the churros for my friend to try but the blackberries turned out to be more superior. The churros were denser than what I would like.

The Chelsea performed way about my expectations on both food and service. On that Sunday, the sun came through these large old greenhouse windows and the restaurant was bathed in a warm golden glow. It made me happy. The staff were extremely friendly, hip and good looking. I especially like our waitress who has blue hair.

This experience took place at

The Chelsea
12 Unquowa Pl, Fairfield, CT 06824
Phone:(203) 254-8200

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