Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas in Westbury, NY- Needs A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas in Westbury, Long Island has what appears to be the perfect makeup for an excellent delicious food adventure… From its name (wine bar & tapas – trying to impress much?), the location (a popular mall location for foot traffic), the interior of the restaurant (open ceiling, dark wood, and accent lighting), the awards (OpenTable and Wine Spectator), the menu (you will see), to the web site (fresh, great UX, and bright beautiful photos), everything is set up to appeal to the young and hip crowds, including families.

But do you know what Spuntino lacks? Authenticity. #SpuntinoFoodie Spuntino is like the millennial- competitive down to the core with its setup/life, gears toward the community, tries to please the people, and is still looking for what makes it/each person authentic and unique. I don’t think Spuntino has arrived yet. It may soon.

As you see below, my friend and I ordered a combination that showcased Spuntino’s prowess.
PROSCIUTTO & MOZZARELLA: Topped with capers and red pepper. Not bad for the classic. The mozzarella could use an upgrade. It was a little hard.DUCK CONFIT POLENTA: Duck confit, mushroom ragu, Asiago polenta, toasted hazelnuts, Parmigiana Reggiani. I’ll be real honest here. The dish sounded good but was not terribly memorable. The polenta was watery like baby food. I remember digging for the duck. I love duck confit and wanted to love this duck, too.CHARRED OCTOPUS: Farro, olives, celery and cherry tomatoes with lemon vinaigrette and parsley oil. Too few pieces of octopus. The use of Farro threw me off; it took away the octopus. I also think the use of celery is not harmonious with the octopus; the celery stood out. Celery’s crunchiness went poorly with the protein. I love charred octopus and wanted to love this octopus, too.
PORK CHEEK: Slow-braised Asiago polenta, fried Brussels sprout leaves. Pork cheek was excellent albeit too salty. It was cheeky and tasty. My favorite for the night.

I was reminded how pleasurable it is to dine with an old friend who is also a foodie. From the time I sat down to the end of the meal, I was engaged and the critiques on the food flowed seamlessly and in sync. In summary, Spuntino did everything right by the book but needs to find that special somethin’ somethin’ to call its own.

I heart ❤️ foodies friends and restaurants on the verge of greatness.

This experience took place at

Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas
1002 Old Country Rd
Westbury, NY 11590
Phone:(516) 228-5400

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