Wanderlust Azores- Terceira Mar Hotel’s Christmas Eve Dinner, the Sweet Sweet Butter

Not realizing how small Terceira is, I didn’t anticipate the small number of restaurants and neither did I anticipate no place to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Luckily, some fellow travelers were smarter than me and figured out that the best option is the hotel because everything else is closed! I had to reserve my spot for the Christmas Eve Dinner buffet. I wasn’t too enthusiastic since the hotel food has not made a positive impression.

I am so happy that Terceira Mar has redeemed itself! They can cook. Now this is more like a four star hotel.image May not be much to look at with the bad lighting but this was excellent. The pork loin was slightly dry but seasoned well. The steamed cod was moist and buttery. The cabbage, mushrooms and white asparagus hit the spot.imageMy little photographer’s plate.
image Second serving with a slight variation on the vegetables
image Buche de Noel, the Azorean version made with cornmeal, honey, cinnamon and powder sugar.image Flan! I was happy! Made in the Latin American fashion, with lots of eggs.
imageThere were a lot more food that were offered… the extremely tasty butter and cheese produced by the local cows, the Azorean bread muffin, the fruit salad, etc.. I can’t get butter like that in NY even if I’m willing to spend the money.

I am just loving the Terceira’s cows and Terceira. Merry Christmas to all.

This experience took place at

Terceira Mar Hotel

Angra do Heroísmo,
Azores Portugal
Phone:295 402 280

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