Wanderlust Azores- Tiny, Tiny Airport with Only One Booth for Immigration

Did you know that one of the Azores islands, Terceira, is only a four hour flight from Boston and it’s only four hours ahead of New York? I landed at 7am this morning with only a short nap.image Picking up my rental car. It has the European style automatic where the gear often defaults to neural; it looks and feels like a manual car. Took me a while to figure out how to reverse. The patient rental car lady came out to the parking lot to show the dumb American me how to drive an automatic!

The funny thing is that the car rental lady told me that they are not used to the tourists yet… You return your rental car right outside the airport front door. Park it right there and they will come out to get it from you. What wonderful customer service!imageThe entrance of the airport. Yes, that’s the entire building.image View from my room. This is such a beautiful island. It’s lushly green, sunny, with bright blue sky and a vast ocean. So remote, too. I was one of the very few cars on the road/highway… because I was driving in the middle of farmlands.

More to come. So far, I’m loving Terceira!

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