Wanderlust Taiwan- Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Food Court, 紅祖師擔仔麵

If you travel frequently, you know how important the airport restaurant or food court is to your happiness and well being. Tired and grouchy, all you want is some delicious food that will fire you up or settle you down. Taoyuan International Airport did that for me.This is number six on the menu: Taiwanese beef noodle soup. My picky child gave it a thumbs up and ate the entire thing. The broth was obviously simmered for a long time as was the beef.  Yet the beef was tender. For $230 TWD or approximately $7 USD, this is considered expensive in Taiwan but a very good value for the Americans.This is number three on the menu: Dan Zai noodles 擔仔麵 (a Taiwanese must have- noodles with the Taiwanese Bolognese), blanched cabbage with the same Bolognese sauce, 皮蛋century egg, cold tofu with Bonita flakes and sweet sauce, steamed asparagus with mayo. This was such a winner!  I have never liked century eggs but this one together with the tofu was a new positively pleasant experience.The menu. I can eat this kind of food majority of the time because it’s authentic and body enriching. Wish more airports have high quality food.

This experience took place at

Terminal 1D food court
Taoyuan International Airport
Taoyuan, Taiwan

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I am a New Yorker who flies home to Taiwan in the Summer. I absolutely believe food is one of the most pleasurable things in life. Hence, my chronicle of anticipated glorious food experiences.

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