Wanderlust Taiwan- Taipei City Sights and Cultural Insights. Don’t be Lazy!

Japanese casual/bath robes in Uniqlo. Taiwan is highly influenced by the Japanese culture. Taiwan was colonized by the Japanese 1895-1945.
A store that sells only water bottles. What are the margins of these things that they can afford the city center rent?
The heat and traffic congestion in Taipei
Self-explanatory. Fine varies by the degree of offense.
Represents hills of mountains and flowing water
“I will not be lazy?”  That’s so Asian. Nothing like telling it to your campers straight and make them swear to the rules – Don’t be lazy kids. Learn your Mandarin otherwise your parents would have wasted the money to send you here this summer. I said to my child and her friend, “Rules are meant to be broken.”
Represents wealth and fortune. “魚” = fish but has the same pronunciation as “餘” = leftover fortune. The implied meanings of words and actions are weaved tightly into the Chinese and Taiwanese cultures. Confucianism and Taoism are the backbones of the cultures.

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I am a New Yorker who flies home to Taiwan in the Summer. I absolutely believe food is one of the most pleasurable things in life. Hence, my chronicle of anticipated glorious food experiences.

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