Wanderlust Taiwan- Ham and Egg Breakfast Crêpes Taiwanese Style. Fusion is Who I Am.

To make up for my error from the first breakfast, I stopped at this joint that serves breakfast in a fusion style… I am usually not a fan of fusion food but this has been an interesting experience for me. When I left Taiwan decades ago, fusion breakfast did not exist. It was shao bing 燒餅, you tiao 油條, 饅頭 and dou jiang 豆漿 all the way (will cover the traditional breakfast soon). I discovered this fusion style when I returned a few years ago. This type of establishment serves sandwiches, bagels, and crêpes Taiwanese style. How is it Taiwanese style, you may ask? For example, the ham and the eggs all taste different. They are all made in Taiwan. 😋

At this kind of place, you don’t pay for packaging. So the two crêpes here were stuffed into a small paper box for me to bring home. The two crêpes are $50 TWD or approximately $1.7 USD.

The store front. If I had the balls, I would have pointed my camera at the cook top. The whole operation is fascinating to me: three people man the small counter, money changes hands quickly, food and money are often handled by the same hand, multiple languages are used (Taiwanese, Mandarin, and something else I didn’t recognize.)

The fusion menu with categories in burgers, toasts, bagels, crêpes, snacks (side dishes of fries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, red bean pancakes, and onion rings), Chinese style (scallion pancakes, taro cakes, dumplings), noodles (pasta and Asian style noodles), jams (from peanut butter to green tea/taro/black sesame), drinks (from soy milk, black tea, green tea to cafe latte).

The lady who took my order called me “Mei Mei 妹妹” or “little sister” in a diminutive but affectionate way.

I am finally home. For now, I am fusion in Asia. ❤️💜💛💚💙

This experience took place at

On Congde St right next to Liuzhangli MRT station
Daan District of Taipei City

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