Wanderlust – Chuck’s on Spring Street in Princeton, NJ. A High School Favorite of Mine Where I Had My First Date.

#Wanderlust continues…  to where I went to high school in Princeton, NJ, to where I had my very first date, at Chuck’s Spring Street Cafe, with my first love, an Italian boy from Milano who sang O Sole Mio to me. I remember how he rolled his eyes when I suggested Chuck’s hot wings as the perfect meal for me. I was not so refined then. I would like to think that I am still the girl I was back then. But today I am here with my friend, Danny, the biker chef, who could not believe I wanted to go to this divey place.

Still looks the same, years later. The only difference is the counter is now run by an Asian boy!

This was the hot stuff back then. Wings plus a fountain soda completed my daily nutritional requirements. The only question was how many wings.  In my memory, they tasted like the finest cuisines. Today, they taste like badly made fast food. Interestingly, my first love ordered a rack of lamb on that first date. Today, no special items can be found. Maybe the quality of the wings were better back then and now Chuck’s is just riding on the legacy. Here is Chuck’s menu today.

This is another favorite spot of my high school days, Thomas Sweet, an ice cream shop. The borders from my school, The Hun School of Princeton, would walk to the town center to get wings and ice cream and catch a movie. It was all the rage.

Here are the two cups that Danny and I had today. I blended in mint paddies to my Swiss Chocolate Malt.

We sat at the steps to the Princeton University’s fountain and discussed life and future plans, much like I did with friends back in high school.

This stop was a lot more sentimental than #wanderlust. I think all our wanderlust has a lot to do with where we were, who we were and where we want to be and who we want to become.  It’s only fitting that I stopped at Princeton today. Ciao Bella!

This experience took place at

16 Spring Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (609) 921-0027
Email: chuckscafe16@gmail.com

Thomas Sweet
183 Nassau St
Princeton, NJ 08542

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