Wanderlust Edinburgh, Scotland- Sights and Sounds

Sights and video clips around Edinburgh, Scotland. St Giles’ CathedralEdinburgh Castle Random street cornerOrgan in St. GilesLove this red police box containing the cash machine. Reminds me of Dr Who.Rose & Crown, a famous pub in center of town. Great haggis! Same as in NYC, full of life and spite.Ferries wheels and cute taxicabsOld town. So European and so familiar.

A clip of a bagpipe player on the street during the Festivals

A band playing on Saturday night. The pub is jammed with people of all ages, singing and swaying to the music. The sense of community and the flowing beer. And me really sticking out as the only Asian there.

Typhoon Soudelor in Taipei, Taiwan – Taiwanese People Are Crazy!

Soudelor was felt in the early morning between 3am and 9am on Saturday, 8/8/15 in Taipei, Taiwan. My high-rise building (I am on the 12th floor) swayed gently by the howling wind. It felt like a an earthquake and was unsettling. Sirens from the police and the EMTs were non-stop last night.

By 3:30pm in the afternoon, bakeries, movie theaters, clothing stores, Seven-Eleven, Family Mart, Dominos, local restaurants, pharmacies, and general merchandising stores are all open and ready for business. Many people were out helping to clean up the streets. I was out running.
     Soudelor exited Taiwan about an hour ago at 2pm. The MRTs are still shut down but the buses and taxis are everywhere. Taipei is almost back to business; Taiwanese people are crazy.

Hear the wind howling?

Happy Anniversary to Me and My 202nd Post!

It was my one year anniversary for my blog yesterday. In a year, I have written 202 posts and documented many delicious meals and worthy experiences. This blog has provided an outlet for creative energy and an aid for my thought process. Thanks to the newly purchased domain, peilincorbanese.com, I am not the same person I was from last July.

My friend, Sandy, thought of me when she saw this image.

I feel like Dr. Who. 🙂

Month Long Wanderlust Trip Starts Tonight- Which Passport Should I Use? Bon Appétit! 好好吃喔!

Time to go. It’s always a question when I am about to leave for Taiwan. Do I enter with the US passport or the Taiwanese one? Who do I want to be? Entering with the US passport affords me the protection of the US and the ease of being an economic power. Entering with the Taiwanese passport affords me the number one universal healthcare in the world, being the majority in the country but with all the cultural expectations of who I should be. Hmm. #Taiwan #BestHealthCareSystem

Come with me while I traverse the streets of Taipei, tour Hong Kong and Singapore, and sample incredible food with the locals. I will make it as much wanderlust as possible while working full time remotely – thanks to my understanding and supportive manager, Dave. #Wanderlust #InternationalTravel

There will sure be some good eating! Bon appétit! 好好吃喔!

Wanderlust – When All Good Things Must Come to an End

This morning, on the last day of my #Wanderlust weekend, I went for a run in the Berlin’s town park.  As I lay down on the picnic table to stretch my legs, I looked up and saw the trees towering over me.  I rarely lie down on a picnic table and I rarely spend more than a few seconds looking at trees.  Today I did both.  
As I prepare to go back to my day job of creating content for profit vs. writing content for pleasure, I realized that there is so much upside to flooding the internet with words and pictures. I have received so much encouragement in the past few days from friends and bloggers, it is a great feeling. Thank you!

As I wrap this up, I know what my next Wanderlust destination will be and I also know where I am at in my head, my heart and my gut. Sometimes, an aimless trip or project may just be the thing one needs to answer most of the questions in life. Come outside the box and play with me! I highly recommend it.

Here are some parting thoughts from my trip. Interpret them however you wish.

Cheers to good mental health, a fit body and a happy life.  Live with your heart.

Wanderlust – Chuck’s on Spring Street in Princeton, NJ. A High School Favorite of Mine Where I Had My First Date.

#Wanderlust continues…  to where I went to high school in Princeton, NJ, to where I had my very first date, at Chuck’s Spring Street Cafe, with my first love, an Italian boy from Milano who sang O Sole Mio to me. I remember how he rolled his eyes when I suggested Chuck’s hot wings as the perfect meal for me. I was not so refined then. I would like to think that I am still the girl I was back then. But today I am here with my friend, Danny, the biker chef, who could not believe I wanted to go to this divey place.

Still looks the same, years later. The only difference is the counter is now run by an Asian boy!

This was the hot stuff back then. Wings plus a fountain soda completed my daily nutritional requirements. The only question was how many wings.  In my memory, they tasted like the finest cuisines. Today, they taste like badly made fast food. Interestingly, my first love ordered a rack of lamb on that first date. Today, no special items can be found. Maybe the quality of the wings were better back then and now Chuck’s is just riding on the legacy. Here is Chuck’s menu today.

This is another favorite spot of my high school days, Thomas Sweet, an ice cream shop. The borders from my school, The Hun School of Princeton, would walk to the town center to get wings and ice cream and catch a movie. It was all the rage.

Here are the two cups that Danny and I had today. I blended in mint paddies to my Swiss Chocolate Malt.

We sat at the steps to the Princeton University’s fountain and discussed life and future plans, much like I did with friends back in high school.

This stop was a lot more sentimental than #wanderlust. I think all our wanderlust has a lot to do with where we were, who we were and where we want to be and who we want to become.  It’s only fitting that I stopped at Princeton today. Ciao Bella!

This experience took place at

16 Spring Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (609) 921-0027
Email: chuckscafe16@gmail.com

Thomas Sweet
183 Nassau St
Princeton, NJ 08542

Wanderlust – @ Berlin, MD. What a Quaint Little Town. What an Old Hotel.

#Wanderlust continues…  When I was searching for a place that is mid-point between OBX, North Carolina and home, I found Berlin, Maryland.  There is only one hotel in town, the Atlantic Hotel.  When I drove up, I was pleasantly surprised at how well-run and Victorian it was. The hotel was built in 1895. I am usually more of a modern type of gal but this was elegant and taught me to appreciate the old. Much better than the chain hotels.

Highly recommend it.

This experience took place at

Atlantic Hotel
2 North Main Street
Berlin, Maryland 21811

Wanderlust – Atlantic Hotel Restaurant, Drummer’s Cafe, in Berlin, MD. Dinning for the Big Girls.

#Wanderlust continues and brings me to Berlin, Maryland.  I am at the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD for the night.  What a quaint little town. What a traditional and well-decorated Victorian hotel and restaurant.  Drummer’s Cafe looks like a four-star establishment.  I am dinning at a white-table-cloth restaurant tonight.  A little excited after having the opposite in the past couple of days.

The sea salt on the bread was a wonderful touch. The hotel butter was the right temperature and went on easily on the warm bread center.My 7 Oz Filet Mignon.  Medium, perfectly done.  With buttery potato mash, crunchy elegant and thin onion rings, and asparagus. Rosé. Cinsault ‘Les Jamelles’ 2012 Vin de Pays, France.  Fresh, fruity, crisp and clean from Southern France.Crème brûlée.  This was acceptable.  Had better at Osteria Laguna Bar and Restaurant. Click here for my post on that crème brûlée.

I believe I ate my calories for the entire day in this one meal.  Oh, well.  I have got to run for it tomorrow morning. Highly recommend it. Made a big girl very happy on a Sunday night during her wanderlust weekend.

This experience took place at

Drummer’s Cafe
Atlantic Hotel
2 North Main Street
Berlin, Maryland 21811

Wanderlust – Driving Through Route 13 and the Eastern Shores of Virginia. A Different World All Together.

#Wanderlust continues onto the beautiful Route 13 between North Carolina and Virginia.  This is on the Lucius J. Kellam Jr. Bridge Tunnel.  The darkest blue water connected with the light blue sky, with sunshine on my dashboard and music in my ears, I was lost in my head.  This is honestly the best part of my wanderlust weekend. The drive and the solitude. #Solitude #RoadTrip    

Everyone should have quiet like this. Everyone should have the quiet headspace that comes naturally to a solo road trip. Love and clarity to all.

Wanderlust – Beaches of Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, NC. Soft, Sinking Sand Makes Tough Beaches to run on.

#Wanderlust continues… Optimistically, I thought I could get in another run on the beach today. The sand on the Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head was extremely soft. My feet sank down more than 50% each step and were unable to keep balance easily. I ended up walking ~four miles which took me almost two hours. These two beaches are tough for the runners.

The views were incredible. The sun was bright. The wind was gentle. The sand got into my shoes.  🙂


       Highly recommend the outer banks of North Carolina for the off-seasons.

This experience took place at

Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head beaches in North Carolina