Wanderlust – Java Surf Cafe in Virginia Beach, VA. Omnivore Male Dinning Companions Needed!

My #Wanderlust weekend continues onto the food part.  Insert food and running then I am willing. Running: check! Food: here we go!

After the 12 miles in the morning and early afternoon, I came upon Java Surf Cafe on 25th Street in Virginia Beach.  I was famished.  It was almost three o’clock.

I ordered a decaf latte with soy. Hmmm. It was just about the same as what I could do at home with a Nespresso espresso and soy ($1.20) vs. here is $3.80. I had two cups.

This is the Big Kahuna: two scrambled eggs, ham, avocado, tomatoes, swiss cheese, house pico,with sriracha sauce. It felt very big and I only ate half. It was average.

Although I am really digging this traveling solo and solitude thing (#Wanderlust), there is a huge disadvantage that I did not account for. I don’t eat very much and without a companion, I don’t get to experience the range of food that is preferrable for a meal. I have got nothing to write about when it’s only a cup of coffee and half a sandwich!

Because the sandwich was so big, I ended up eating the other half for dinner, hence, squandering another opportunity for a great meal.

I am calling for all omnivore male dinning companions in the North Carolina Outer Banks for tomorrow. I need someone who can eat a lot, has a great taste in food, has a great range in cuisines, and will not talk to me during the meal. Oh, you must be willing to share your food even if we have just met. If you are a female but you eat like a man and can be speechless like a man, call me. Sister, you have a special place in my heart.

This experience took place at

Java Surf Cafe
301 25th St
Ste 4
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 963-6600

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