Wanderlust – Solitude of the Road Trip

I ended up at Virginia Beach for the night after driving down from Wilmington, DE, stopping at D.C. for Ethiopian food.  I was amazed at how much traffic there is in this area.  Glad that I did not plan and still don’t have a plan.  The magic of #Wanderlust – Traffic became just cars going slowly.  Wanderlust took away my goal oriented nature.  I drove like a normal person today, no aggressive at all.

I also spoke to only three people today.  What a record!  Two from the Ethiopian restaurant and one when I checked in tonight at the hotel. I so thoroughly enjoyed the solitude this road trip is giving me.  With music and thoughts going in and out of my head for almost 12 hours straight, clarity comes and my headspace changes.  I smiled when I thought of this quote by Jean-Paul Sartre, “Hell is other people,” in his play of “No Exit.” Love the solitude.

Lastly, Mobilytrip mobile app is such a piece of crap that I have given up on tracking my trip with it.  The app crashed many times and refused to upload any of my photos nor sync with the site.  Further, even with the same log in, the information does not sync across devices.  What a pain.  Sorry, readers.  I will have to do this the old fashion way – just blog!

Thank you to all my friends who are checking in and making sure I am safe and sound. Good night.  🙂


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