Bar Harbor Grill in Mamaroneck, NY – Local but Disappointing

I was having a work lunch with a friend last week and I got to pick the restaurant. I wanted something close enough to both of our work and thought of the Mamaroneck Ave restaurants in Mamaroneck. Picked Bar Harbor Grill for my past satisfactory experience and to get away from the Americanized Fusion Asian restaurants. What a mistake!

My friend and I sat on the deck out back: the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and the music was groovy.  The music must have been from the 70s.  We were the only two patrons there when we first arrived.  Sitting there under the warm Fall sun, seeing the top of the sail boats, it was nice enough to cock your head, squint your eyes, smile and enjoy the moment.  All we needed was great food.

We both ordered the New England Clam Chowder. You know – ordering clam chowder from a harbor restaurant seems like an okay thing to do. No no. It was weird. The taste was funky. The thought of whether it had gone bad went through my head. It had not.

Here is the Grilled Chicken Sandwich my friend ordered. He said that it was fine but I think he was being nice.

After the soup, I am glad that I stuck with the Beet and Apple Salad. Hard to mess that up.  At least the beets and the green leaves contrast well.

If I did not focus on the food, the lunch experience was nice. If lunch were meant for eating, I would not go back again. What a shame – the last time I was there, I ordered the Lobster Salad which was excellent. What happened, Bar Harbor Grill?

This experience took place at the

Bar Harbor Grill
181 E Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
(914) 630-7167

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