So Gong Dong Korean Restaurant in Hartsdale, NY – Recommend for the Tummy and the Soul

So Gong Dong is a Korean restaurant in Hartsdale, NY. My friend and I were going for Japanese BBQ in White Plains but since my friend had never tried kimchi before, we ended up at So Gong Dong tonight. I was honored to be there for his first introduction to kimchi. 🙂 #koreanfood

Here are the side dishes that came with the meal. From right to left, we have bean sprouts (non-spicy), kirby with chili and vinegar, kimchi, and daikon with jalapeño. The egg on the most left is for my tofu dish coming up. Very satisfactory indeed. My friend said that Christmas had come early for him! It took me another 10 mins before I realized that I was completely happy with this line up. Yes, I was a little slow tonight.

Soondubu Jigae: Korean silken tofu stew in a stone pot with options such as seafood, beef, dumplings, etc. I asked for the seafood and beef option. I then chose the spicy level which I went for regular. The last step is to choose between kalguksu (Korean thick noodles), ramen or hot stone bowl of rice. I had the hot stone bowl of rice since I liked the crunchiness of the rice at the bottom of the bowl. They cracked the egg and dropped it into my stew while it was bubbling hot. 🙂 Really cool.

My friend, being a novice to the Korean cuisine, was not shy in ordering the same. He also went for a Soondubu jigae: he chose kimchi on the hot spicy level with ramen. This is such a risky behavior for someone who has not had this dish before but he went for it. Brave! It was spicy enough!!! I think not only did Christmas come early for him, the New Year’s eve also arrived much sooner than expected.

Highly recommend this place. Good winter food that warms the tummy and the soul with a small check for the wallet. The entire meal pre-tip was a little more than $25. Go on Monday nights.  The service was fast and they leave you alone to chat until you are ready to leave.  Happy.

The experience took place at

Do Gong Dong Tofu * BBQ
411 N Central Ave
Hartsdale, NY 10530

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