H Mart in Hartsdale NY – Reliable Food Court Eating

H Mart in Hartsdale, NY is a grocery store that caters to the Asian population. You can find Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other regular supermarket items here. The produce section is fresh and immense. The seafood offering here is impressive (pre-cooked lobsters anyone?) Further, it has a food court that are particularly strong in Korean dishes, with Chinese and Japanese running tightly behind the Korean food.

On this past Sat, we landed in H Mart for lunch and some ethnic grocery shopping – that usually means Korean seafood/chives pancakes, spicy tofu, and tri-colored corn for me. My peeps at work know and have seen me eating all these “weird” things. There is always a lot of prepared food, very convenience for a busy household. The food court food is strong for food court eating and passable for restaurant quality. Here is what we had:

O Jing Uh Bokkeum: spicy stir-fried squid. Excellent. This dish always satisfies and never fails. Love.

Bulgogi Bibimbap (before): As you may know by now, I love this dish. This was not as good as the Dolsot Bibimbap from the Kalbi House but it was good enough for the price and for the convenience. The dish is also kind of pretty from my perspective, something to do with chopped up fresh vegetables, sweet beef, topped with an egg that just get me going.

This is what the Bulgogi Bibimbap looked like after I added in the kimchi, red chili sauce, fish cake stripes and rice. It’s ready to be eaten. 🙂 Isn’t it pretty and yummy looking?  Could not wait to dig in.

Nabeyaki Udon: Decent but nothing to write home about. Japanese food is not H Mart’s strong suit.

Last but not least, here is how much it costs to eat in a food court in the expensive Westchester County, NY. Welcome to the competitive world of New York metropolitan area.

This experience took place at

H Mart Food Court in Hartsdale, NY

371 North Central Avenue

Hartsdale, NY 10530

(914) 448-8888
This is a great place to go for grocery shopping, if you can stand the crowds and the tightness of the aisles.


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