Fortina in Armonk, NY- December Challenge 2 of 17, Buzzing Flies Accompanied Our Brunch 

Fortina is a very popular restaurant in my hometown. The three prior visits yielded much happiness and fulfilled tummies. See my Fortina posts, click here for my first experience, here for the pizza and here for the Rye Brook location. However, this Fall brunch visit is rather different, unfortunately. To quote my 11-year-old, “Even the flies are trying to get out of here.” The restaurant was loud with music and buzzing sounds of flies. We could not bat the flies away quick enough.

Really? Multiple flies buzzing in our ears and above our food in a restaurant that charges $21 for a small pizza? Shame on you, Fortina.
WOOD-FIRED POLPO with white bean, olives, salumi vinaigrette. Decent octopus. The white beans were ok. The wood-fired anything in Fortina is usually good.
HAM AND EGGS with prosciutto, soft poached egg, crispy potatoes, parm. Looked interesting and tasted salty. My daughter found it not worth eating. She picked at the crispy prosciutto and potatoes and skipped the poached egg completely. THE LUIGI BIANCO pizza with burrata, robiolona, parmesan, black truffle. This had been my favorite of Fortina. It kind of was still fine but the constant swatting of the flies did not enhance my enjoyment.
Here is the bill, $60. Probably would have been justifiable without the flies. We finished our food as quickly as possible. In fact, ate only less than half and ran out of the restaurant.

Do you think I should have asked them to swat the flies for us? Don’t forget to bring your fly swatter when you go eat at Fortina’s. Buon appetito!

This experience took place at

Fortina Armonk
17 Maple Ave
Armonk, NY 10504
(914) 273-0900

The Beehive in Armonk, NY – A Stale and Convenient Marriage. Oops! I Meant Brunch.

The Beehive is a very popular spot in Armonk, NY for brunch on Sundays. The Beehive serves the typical breakfast items with a Greek bend. I had been to the place many times before because it’s in my town but had never been in love with the food. I recently went back again because the other better brunch spot (Mariani’s/Zanni) was closed! I guess if you can stay in business, people will come due to limited options in Armonk.
“Slamon” Benny: Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise on an English Muffin and Hashbrowns. The upside: the hash was awesome.  The downside: the eggs were over-poached and the salmon was too thick and voluminous. This was not my dish but sitting across from it, I had no desire to try it. The proportion looked wrong. In addition, the Hollandaise sauce congealed quickly and made the entire dish even less visually attractive.

Special for the Day: Turkey Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, and Hashbrowns. The upside: the hashbrown and the grilled Turkey bacon were awesome.  The downside: the eggs were bland even after I mixed in ketchup and hot sauce.  And this was not the first time the eggs had disappointed me. I could have done it better myself!

Note: I was eating this at 2:30pm in the afternoon after having been up for six hours on an empty stomach. I should have been a lot more enthusiastic!!

Like many things in life, I go to the Beehive because it’s convenient and it’s a habit. There are somethings in the Beehive I love but it is far from perfect. If the circumstances were different, I would never go to the Beehive. Doesn’t this sound like most marriages you see and know?  🙂

We truly need better breakfast options in Armonk!

This experience took place at

The Beehive

30 Old Rte 22,
Armonk, NY 10504
(914) 765-0688