The Beehive in Armonk, NY – A Stale and Convenient Marriage. Oops! I Meant Brunch.

The Beehive is a very popular spot in Armonk, NY for brunch on Sundays. The Beehive serves the typical breakfast items with a Greek bend. I had been to the place many times before because it’s in my town but had never been in love with the food. I recently went back again because the other better brunch spot (Mariani’s/Zanni) was closed! I guess if you can stay in business, people will come due to limited options in Armonk.
“Slamon” Benny: Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise on an English Muffin and Hashbrowns. The upside: the hash was awesome.  The downside: the eggs were over-poached and the salmon was too thick and voluminous. This was not my dish but sitting across from it, I had no desire to try it. The proportion looked wrong. In addition, the Hollandaise sauce congealed quickly and made the entire dish even less visually attractive.

Special for the Day: Turkey Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, and Hashbrowns. The upside: the hashbrown and the grilled Turkey bacon were awesome.  The downside: the eggs were bland even after I mixed in ketchup and hot sauce.  And this was not the first time the eggs had disappointed me. I could have done it better myself!

Note: I was eating this at 2:30pm in the afternoon after having been up for six hours on an empty stomach. I should have been a lot more enthusiastic!!

Like many things in life, I go to the Beehive because it’s convenient and it’s a habit. There are somethings in the Beehive I love but it is far from perfect. If the circumstances were different, I would never go to the Beehive. Doesn’t this sound like most marriages you see and know?  🙂

We truly need better breakfast options in Armonk!

This experience took place at

The Beehive

30 Old Rte 22,
Armonk, NY 10504
(914) 765-0688

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