Cafe Spice in Grand Central Station, NY- Underrated Delicious Indian Food for the Westchester Commuters

I had eaten in Cafe Spice before but I forgot how underrated they are. Cafe Spice in the lower level of Grand Central has delicious and well-priced Indian food. If you go at the right time (when they are not too busy), they will even warm up your roti in the oven for you! The food made such an impression that I went back the next day.
I had the lamb curry the first time around. The menu changes in a small way from day-to-day.
Lamb curry, salad, rice, and dal (lentil). Look at the size of my whole wheat roti! It was super warm after being in the oven for two minutes. What a joy that was.  I had the lamb again on the second try. The yellow dal was drier than the dark but still very yummy. I had a little trouble understanding the young server at the counter asking me whether I wanted the dal over the rice. I made him repeat three times. He was so kind and relaxed that we laughed about it instead.

What great experiences I had – all for less than $20. It was fulfilling, savory, flavorful and healthy. I could eat Indian food everyday. Highly recommend Cafe Spice for the Grand Central commuters. I ate mine on my lap heading back north on the Harlem Line.

This experience took place at

Cafe Spice
Grand Central Terminal
109 E 42nd St,
New York, NY 10017
(646) 227-1300

Coriander Modern Indian Restaurant in White Plains, NY- What Delicious Indian Fare!

I LOVE Coriander’s food! Let me get down on my knees and be thankful for the delicious Indian food I had the other night with my wonderful friends. I only stumbled upon Coriander’s in White Plains because one of my friends is a vegetarian.

Why do I love Corianders? Because it is Indian food that is re-imagined, cooked to near-perfection and served in a contemporized setting. Only one down side – slightly dried lamb and a very very nosy and pushy waitress named Rositta. During dinner, Rositta had asked me to “read” her the menu because she could not see what I was pointing to; Rositta also took my menu away with force while I was “reading” the menu; Rositta loudly interrupted our conversation multiple times to make sure she was heard. Rositta acted like our aunt and we were in Kindergarten. I guess I can love that, too, as long as I am in the right mood. It can be liberating to be bossed around.Eggplant Chaat: thinly sliced globe eggplant, garnished with sweet & sour chutneys, candied red onion, fresh cilantro & dusted with garam masala.This was awesome. This was a vegetarian’s delight. It made vegetables taste like proteins. I LOVED it.Edemame with Indian spice: Yum.Naan: Solid.Basmati and Mint ParathaShrimp Rangoli: pan seared shrimp, garlic, curry leaf, mustard seed, tomato cream sauce. The sauce was to die for. The shrimp was inconsequential. Spicy sauces made out of Ghost and Habanero peppersLamb Vindaloo: a spicy red & green chili, tomato based sauce, with tender, curried lamb & baked potatoesHomestyle Lamb Curry:slow cooked, tender lamb in a browned tomato & onion curry. Flavored fully with traditional indian spices.Pumpkin Kofta Curry: handmade vegetarian “meatballs” roasted with Indian spices, simmered in a new england Pumpkin curry, flavoured with garam masala & cinnamon. My vegetarian friend loved it but I found it to be too sweet. Macaroons: nothing special.

The food is outstanding. Minus Rositta, it would have been just perfect. 🙂

This experience took place at

74 Mamaroneck Ave
White Plains, NY 10601
Phone:(914) 358-4500

Global Grill @Myong Gourmet in Mount Kisco, NY- LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. 

Global Grill in Mount Kisco was a very pleasant surprise. This is how they describe their offering. “Our Influences emanate from New American Progressive across the US, Europe, Korea and East Asia. You will find tastes from Middle East, India and Japan with a French flair.” From the small sample size of my lunch there, I would agree.

It is a big and beautiful restaurant with a counter filled with gourmet dishes. Although the food was great, the concept was confusing. The same location has a restaurant, a section for a cafe and a take out counter, in addition to offering catering service. Chef and owner Myong is trying to do too many things at once with her food magic.

Myong’s Korean Fried Chicken – gluten free – Asian pear jicama slaw and fries. My friend loved the jicama slaw and asked for seconds. The fried chicken was also excellent. She was not overwhelmed by the fries.

Bi Bim Bop with Bulgogi – Grilled sweet Korean beef, crispy rice, spring vegetables, kimchi, fried egg, XO sauce. This was soooooooo good. They ran out of white rice so they substituted with crunchy black wild rice. the rice was divine. Man, this was heaven on a big plate. I wished I was a big 250 pound man with a much bigger stomach for food. Believe it or not, I almost ate the entire thing in one setting.

The food was so excellent as was the service. Will definitely return… LOVED it. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. 🙂 A huge smile!

This experience took place at

Global Grill
@Myong Gourmet
487 Main St,
Mt Kisco, NY 10549
(914) 241-6333

Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market in Pleasantville, NY – Mumbai Street Food for A Novice

A friend and I went to a Barque concert by Baroque Orchestra of Maine in Pleasantville, NY. Afterwards, we took a short walk to the Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market in town, where French Crêpes intersect with Indian street food. The owner of the establishment also has the Little Crêpe Street, Little Kabab Station and Little Spice Bazaar restaurant and shop in Mount Kisco, NY; another combination of the French Crêpes and Indian food. See my last review for the Mount Kisco location, click here.

The Mumbai street food approach for the Little Mumbai Market was what drew me in. There are many items that I am unfamiliar with! The dessert crêpe is what drew my friend in. Not only did she enjoy her food, she also left the restaurant with 3 orders of crêpes for her family!


Hot chocolate with a marshmallow. Loved the whipped cream and the marshmallow hidden within the whipped cream.

Sweet crêpe – Lemon curd + fresh berries: blueberries, raspberries

Keema Pav: Minced lamb, roasted spices. Served with buttered pav bread. I like lamb with strong spices. I found this Keema Pav to be right up my alley and tasty. I actually don’t need the pav bread.  I also took it home and ate it for breakfast.

Deconstructed Samosa: samosa, chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney. It looked messy and drowning in weird colored sauce. It is too inside out for my taste. The fried bread underneath the sauce was damp and flat. Not a fan of the fried samosa under all that sauce. However, if you can get past the fried/damp combo, then the sauce and the deconstruction were very well executed. The chickpeas, separately, were good.

The Little Mumbai Market Street food menu.

Overall, it’s satisfactory and I will return to sample more Indian street food. I may even try the crêpes now that I have forgotten what real crêpes should taste like.

This experience took place at

Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market
475 Bedford Rd
Pleasantville, NY
(914) 773-0500

Masala Kraft Cafe in Hartsdale NY – Heavily Salted

Between Chinese School and Acupuncture this Sat, I was in Hartsdale NY getting a quick lunch from Masala Kraft Cafe. The restaurant is conveniently located right across from the Hartsdale Metro North station and a weekend farmer’s market. I was very hopeful because I was there once before and had a decent experience. When you first walked in the place, it smelled aromatic and filled with spices that transport you to a different continent. It made me smile. 🙂

Unfortunately, my good experience was not meant to be repeated. We ordered three dosas. Here is how they turned out.

This is the Masala Dosa. The presentation was impressive. The crepe is thin and has a nice consistency. The filling of spiced mashed potatoes and onions was a little salty.

Here is the Bombay Dosa for me. The filling is curried potatoes with vegetables. It was extremely salty. I was very hungry but could not ignore the salt. It was so heavily salted that I wondered if it was double salted. I left my dosa half eaten. I think the filling would have been great with only plain rice – a lot of it!

The cheese dosa. Bleh. Plain and wished it was a French crepe instead. It was also salty!

Masala Kraft’s menu for your reference. Probably should have tried other items instead of putting all my eggs in the dosa basket.

Do not recommend the dosa. I did buy two bananas from the farmer’s market afterwards though. It was not a complete waste.

This experience took place at

Masala Kraft Cafe
206 E. Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530
Phone: (914) 722 4300