Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market in Pleasantville, NY – Mumbai Street Food for A Novice

A friend and I went to a Barque concert by Baroque Orchestra of Maine in Pleasantville, NY. Afterwards, we took a short walk to the Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market in town, where French Crêpes intersect with Indian street food. The owner of the establishment also has the Little Crêpe Street, Little Kabab Station and Little Spice Bazaar restaurant and shop in Mount Kisco, NY; another combination of the French Crêpes and Indian food. See my last review for the Mount Kisco location, click here.

The Mumbai street food approach for the Little Mumbai Market was what drew me in. There are many items that I am unfamiliar with! The dessert crêpe is what drew my friend in. Not only did she enjoy her food, she also left the restaurant with 3 orders of crêpes for her family!


Hot chocolate with a marshmallow. Loved the whipped cream and the marshmallow hidden within the whipped cream.

Sweet crêpe – Lemon curd + fresh berries: blueberries, raspberries

Keema Pav: Minced lamb, roasted spices. Served with buttered pav bread. I like lamb with strong spices. I found this Keema Pav to be right up my alley and tasty. I actually don’t need the pav bread.  I also took it home and ate it for breakfast.

Deconstructed Samosa: samosa, chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney. It looked messy and drowning in weird colored sauce. It is too inside out for my taste. The fried bread underneath the sauce was damp and flat. Not a fan of the fried samosa under all that sauce. However, if you can get past the fried/damp combo, then the sauce and the deconstruction were very well executed. The chickpeas, separately, were good.

The Little Mumbai Market Street food menu.

Overall, it’s satisfactory and I will return to sample more Indian street food. I may even try the crêpes now that I have forgotten what real crêpes should taste like.

This experience took place at

Little Crêpe Street and Little Mumbai Market
475 Bedford Rd
Pleasantville, NY
(914) 773-0500

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