Global Grill @Myong Gourmet in Mount Kisco, NY- LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. 

Global Grill in Mount Kisco was a very pleasant surprise. This is how they describe their offering. “Our Influences emanate from New American Progressive across the US, Europe, Korea and East Asia. You will find tastes from Middle East, India and Japan with a French flair.” From the small sample size of my lunch there, I would agree.

It is a big and beautiful restaurant with a counter filled with gourmet dishes. Although the food was great, the concept was confusing. The same location has a restaurant, a section for a cafe and a take out counter, in addition to offering catering service. Chef and owner Myong is trying to do too many things at once with her food magic.

Myong’s Korean Fried Chicken – gluten free – Asian pear jicama slaw and fries. My friend loved the jicama slaw and asked for seconds. The fried chicken was also excellent. She was not overwhelmed by the fries.

Bi Bim Bop with Bulgogi – Grilled sweet Korean beef, crispy rice, spring vegetables, kimchi, fried egg, XO sauce. This was soooooooo good. They ran out of white rice so they substituted with crunchy black wild rice. the rice was divine. Man, this was heaven on a big plate. I wished I was a big 250 pound man with a much bigger stomach for food. Believe it or not, I almost ate the entire thing in one setting.

The food was so excellent as was the service. Will definitely return… LOVED it. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. 🙂 A huge smile!

This experience took place at

Global Grill
@Myong Gourmet
487 Main St,
Mt Kisco, NY 10549
(914) 241-6333

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