Risotto in Thornwood, NY- Homemade Italian Food in A Working Class Neighborhood

My friend and I were at Risotto’s in Thornwood for the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week in the Fall. The showing of the restaurants during the event is always plentiful and I wish I had enough time during the two weeks to visit them all. The next Hudson Valley Week is coming up in March 2016, 3/7/16-3/20/16. This fall, Risotto, was the only other restaurant I visited, besides Red Hat in Irvington.

Risotto offered a great value for the three course dinner. For $29.95, we had the Beet Napoleon, Osso Buco and a mini dessert. The amount of food was staggering. A glutton is who I was at the end of the meal.
Beet Napoleon: roasted red beets, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, roasted peppers & balsamic glaze. Hard to say no to red beets, mozzarella and peppers drizzled with balsamic. The only critique is that the mozzarella was pedestrian, felt like one of those generic mozzarella you get from a supermarket.  Osso Buco Piemontese: braised and slowly cooked pork shank served in a reduced vegetable wine sauce over homemade risotto. This was an awesome dish. The pork shank was huge with lots of meat that fell off the bone. I ate so much that my utility curve went straight downhill.
Mini Risotto Creme Brûlée: custard made with risotto with a cracked sugar top. Risotto knows what they are doing with their parings. This mini risotto creme brûlée is just the right size despite the heaviness from the risotto.

Risotto serves homemade comfort Italian food in a working class neighborhood of Westchester. It’s a diamond in the rough. The food tastes good and your tummy will always be full. Buon appetito!

This experience took place at


788 Commerce St
Thornwood, NY 10594
Phone:(914) 769-6000

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