Red Hat in Irvington, NY- A Competent French Bistro with A Stunning View of the Hudson River 

I have not been to Red Hat since they relocated to the Bridge Street building by the Hudson river. The setting is stunning. They have a deck overlooking the river and floor to ceiling windows in the dinning room. My friend and I had the high table with a perfect view of the entire restaurant and the deck! The sun was shining in the baby blue sky and reflecting on the slow-moving water. Red Hat has come a long way since the little bistro front on the Main Street of Irvington.
AUTUMN VEGETABLE SOUP: carrot, potato, butternut squash, turmeric, parsley. This was the best! And you ask me why? Because it was a delicately balanced vegetable soup with turmeric. I liked the punch of the carrot and the starchy texture from the potato. It was homey and delicious. The bread was perfect, as French bread goes.
OMELETTE:cherry tomato, grass-fed Irish cheddar, and parsley, choice of greens vinaigrette, bistro salad, frites, or breakfast potatoes. This started out very promising. I adored the frites at Red Hat. The frites are done the the traditional French way- thin, crispy and not greasy. I loved them. Sadly, the omelette was a miss for me. I believe it was the cheddar. Too overpowering.   EGGS BENEDICT, NORWEGIAN, OR FLORENTINE
poached eggs, hollandaise, english muffin, oscar’s smokehouse canadian bacon or smoked salmon or spinach, breakfast potatoes, fruit compote. This was finished completely and my friend was very happy with her choice.

Red Hat is a very competent French bistro and with the setting, it’s hard to beat. If I lived closer, I would be a frequent diner. Try it- you will most likely enjoy it.

This experience took place at

Red Hat
(914) 591 5888

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