Wanderlust Taiwan: Congee Breakfast on the Eva Air Flight 長榮航空的早餐

Lost this entire post earlier due to poor airport wifi and WordPress upload system…

I was in flight between Japan and Korea when breakfast was served. Wanderlust has begun since I chose to have congee!  As a child growing up in Taiwan, I hated congee. But this was incredible as my first congee in Asia.  The congee included taro root, chicken, shrimps and ginger.  It was warm and slushy, perfect for a tired and hungry body after 12 hours in flight. See the fish floss?
Other than the congee, there was fried tofu with mustard greens, fruits, and fish floss. What is fish floss? It’s 魚鬆。Sprinkle the fish floss on the congee to complete the experience.
Here is the menu in Chinese to support my translation above.This is the steamed bun or 饅頭, a very traditional Chinese breakfast item. I also was not into it as a child… But today I was all over it.  Indeed, I’m transforming and adventurous again. 
Ok, this is the back of the fish floss package.  What concerns me is that the front showed a sorwdfish and the back listed the ingredient as just “FISH.”  Nameless, unknown, type of fish. Quality uncertain, hygiene unregulated?  This is an American thinking too much!

Eva Air (the Hello Kitty Airline), 長榮航空, provides excellent service and non-stop service from JFK to Taipei.  It’s a Taiwanese airline and today was my first experience with it.  It made me proud of being Taiwanese; it was much better than Delta with whom I was a loyal customer for years.

To come full circle, I entered with my American passport but spoke Mandarin all the way!  It is feeling less foreign this summer.

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I am a New Yorker who flies home to Taiwan in the Summer. I absolutely believe food is one of the most pleasurable things in life. Hence, my chronicle of anticipated glorious food experiences.

8 thoughts on “Wanderlust Taiwan: Congee Breakfast on the Eva Air Flight 長榮航空的早餐”

      1. That’s great to hear. Especially service is kind of lackluster in America and Europe when it comes to airlines. I’ll definitely try & review EVA Air soon!

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      2. You should definitely check out Eva Air. I booked a weekend trip to Hong Kong and just tried to change my itinerary less than 48 hours prior. No change fee and accommodated my wishes. The whole process took less than 5 mins! Isn’t this incredible?

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