Cafe Triskell in Long Island City, NY- Dessert Crepes Made with Organic Buckwehat That Were Yummy

It’s time for dessert! Who does the best desserts in the world? The French. Cafe Triskell in Long Island City (Astoria, Queens) offers simple dessert crepes made with organic buckwheat that satisfy the sweet tooth. Yes, buckwheat crepes that actually tasted good.

Dessert Crepe: Homemade chocolate sauce & toasted almonds. I thought this was excellent (loved the chocolate and toasted almonds. The buckwheat crepe was surprising succulent and bouncy) but was reminded that I had better in Montreal.  Outstanding organic buckwheat or not, the white flour crepes still rule.  Click here to read about my best crepe experience.

Dessert Crepe: Apricot Jam with toasted almonds.  Homemade jam… reminds me of Uncle Dany in France.

Oh yes, will return to try brunch dishes, including savory crepes.  Highly recommend it.  The Chef Phillipe Fallait means business.  🙂

This experience took place at

Cafe Triskell
33-04 36th Ave
Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 472-0612

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