Bao’s Chinese Cuisine in White Plains, NY- A Hybrid of Bastardized Asian and Authentic Dishes

I rarely eat Chinese food in the US. Sure, I will eat Chinese food to fit in if there is a need but I will keep my opinions to myself. I am not saying that there is no authentic Chinese restaurants; I just don’t like the experience outside of Asia because something is usually wrong with it and that conflicts with a part of me. Bao’s Chinese Cuisine is a perfect example. Bao’s is located in this run down White Plains Mall, where the DMV, various low-end stores (including a Chinese grocer), and questionable massage parlors keep company.

Bao’s, on one hand serves the bastardized version of the American Asian (has dishes from Vietnam, Thai, and more) and on the other hand serves up a page (menu in Chinese) of average authentic Chinese dishes. I am probably being hyper critical right now since I find this practice to be so wrong! But this is a way to appeal to their customer demographics and the food were very good, if I felt less conflicted and less desperate to leave New York. Guess from what page of menu I ordered? The page without the English translation.

上海菜捲 (Shanghai Vegetable Spring roll)- Satisfactory and not greasy nor over-fried. The veggies inside were delicious.

‘Satay’ 炸豆腐 (Fried Tofu)- Satisfactory but not very special.

蟹粉小籠包 (Crab Steamed Soup Dumpling)- More than satisfactory. I have missed you, 小籠包. I am looking forward to eating even more authentic 小籠包 in a few days.

Fried Noodles with Pork (Not me! My 11-yr-old with American taste buds did this)

蒙古牛 (Mongolian Beef)- Surprisingly satisfactory. Execution was excellent.

I don’t know if I would recommend this restaurant unilaterally. If you are not Asian and don’t mind an average-looking restaurant located in a run-down mall, then yes. This is great Americanized Asian food. If you are Asian and want to have a taste of home, this is acceptable if you live near by. If you fall outside of the two categories, you should probably stay away.

This experience took place at

Bao’s Chinese Cuisine
White Plains Mall
200 Hamilton Ave #4A
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 682-8858

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