Pizza Village in Montauk, NY – Awesome Homey Food Under $20!

Day two in Montauk: After a busted beach afternoon on Day one, I went for a long walk/run on the Old Montauk Highway. Montauk is beautiful but is not the North Carolina Outer Banks. I need my own stretch of isolated beach please.

Luckily, I ended up at the Pizza Village in the center of the town. There was not much open on a Sunday afternoon at 4pm in the beginning of May. Pizza Village is the only one that was still open and serving food. Challenge: I only had a twenty-dollar bill with me and could not eat everything I wanted.

Italian Wedding Soup: after running in the 50 degree weather, a bowl of hot soup made me felt warm and homey. It was more than decent and it was hot. It was around $5.

Special of the Day: steak sandwich on a hero with red peppers. This was a pizza joint and I think it’s rather cute that they had specials for the day. This sandwich was awesome. The bread was toasted and crispy at the end. The steak was marinated in its own sauce plus the red pepper juice. The red peppers were still crunchy but infused with the same juice. It was delicious. This was about $10.

The food was much better than expected from a pizza place. Really homey. I would definitely return but do a take-out instead. The ambiance of the seating area has left a lot to be desired.

I still had $5 to spare. Time for desert. 🙂

Pizza Village
700 Montauk Highway
Montauk, N.Y. 11954
Tel: (631) 668-2232

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