Princess Diner in Southampton, NY – It’s Been A Long Day

In my transition to being single, I took up traveling alone to rejuvenate the soul. In the beginning of May, I had a weekend trip to Montauk, NY, the tip of Long Island. Having been a New Yorker in the past 20+ years, I am still such a newbie to Long Island. On the long journey on Route 27, I came upon Princess Diner which was the first sign of civilization before I hit the upscale and well-groomed town center of Southampton.

As I did in my prior Wanderlust trip, I traveled whenever I felt like it; I did what I wanted and I ate when I was hungry at whatever place that was in sight. This included eating my first meal at 3:30pm after having a rigorous SoulCycle workout and a long drive in the sun, at a place that called itself the “Princess Diner.” Really?

My go to breakfast or comfort food: scramble eggs, ham and home fries, plus wheat toast/butter/blackberry jam. Honestly, the food critic in me says that this was at best average – the eggs were too watery and tasteless (I salted!). The ham was good but I am sure they didn’t raise the pig, slaughtered it and then cured the meat. The home fries were just potatoes. The menu is generic diner and the parking lot looked bleak. However, this dish hit the perfect spot when my body was sore and spirits awoken. For that, this bland dish was memorable and soothing.

This was playing in my SoulCycle class that day as I cycled toward the finish line. It’s been a long day without seeing you, my friend.

This experience took place at

Princess Diner
32 Montauk Hwy
Southampton, NY 11968
(631) 283-4255

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