Hive Living Room + Bar @ the Renaissance Westchester Hotel – Intimate and Cozy

Hive Living Room + Bar at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel probably does not get the recognition it deserves because no one ever goes to a hotel restaurant unless you are stuck at the hotel or at a conference at the hotel. In all fairness, Hive Living Room + Bar has interesting menus; the food is pretty good; the atmosphere is intimate and cozy; and the staff is attentive – all the hallmarks of a good restaurant. The only con is that it is located in a weird place (off I-287 at the end of a corporate road) and no one ever thinks of going there. I am going to try to convince the readers to visit this restaurant because it will be worth the effort.

This is my second visit to the Hive Living Room. The first time I went with a large group of people for business and ordered a long list of items from their menu. The review on that will be coming up shortly. Today’s post is focused only on burgers and the panna cotta.

CLASSIC ANGUS BURGER: aged cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, on toasted brioche. The chef makes a good burger. The temp was correct on the burger; the meat was good. The fries were also good and crispy. I would totally come here again for the burger. Do you know why? Because the burgers here are as good as any famous burger place and the cozy atmosphere and the business crowd elevate the experience. It has a much more sophisticated vibe and is less busy.

“ R” ANGUS BURGER: fried egg, onion, bacon, tomato, lettuce, on toasted brioche. The friend who had this dish told me that “A fried egg is good on top of anything.” I love my fried eggs for breakfast.  So how can I resist a fried egg on top of a good burger? Just in case you have any doubt, this is a good one.

MIXED BERRY PANNA COTTA. I loved this panna cotta for its jiggly texture and not too sweet nature. Adding the fresh berries, it was the perfect dessert for me for the night. Could not have ended on a much higher note.  It was also the perfect dessert for sharing.  It is never messy.

A note for the readers: the restaurant has a very nice bar, many high tables, and comfortable high back sofas and chairs. It has a living room feel and makes you want to sit in any one of those chairs. Just relax into the cushions and disappear. Release all the stress and let go.

Don’t you want to eat at the Hive Living Room + Bar now?

This experience took place at

Hive Living Room + Bar

80 West Red Oak Lane
West Harrison, New York
10604 USA

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