Les Halles on 29th Street & Park Ave in NYC – Sufficiently Satisfactory

Besides yesterday’s post on La Sirène (number 1 post of the week on #FrenchRestaurant) and this one below (number 2), I have a couple more French restaurant posts lined up for this week. Stay tuned. 🙂


I have been to Les Halles many times but have never had their brunch special. Les Halles offers consistent quality #FrenchBistro style food and great French press coffee. The restaurant is always crowded and somewhat loud. This time is no exception.

Good French baguette and butter. French press coffee. Bloody Mary. This is a great way to start any meal or morning. Sometimes I wish I were more French. I loved the country living in France – the first thing to do in the morning is to head to the bakery to get a loaf of baguette; break it down and eat it with butter for breakfast. Or get a flaky croissant and dip it in a cup of dark-roast coffee. Mmm. I love this kind of breakfast.

Crêpes au Jambon et Gruyère: Parisian ham and gruyère cheese, mixed greens. To be honest, this was just ok. It was decent but not something I would jump up and down for.

Eggs Boudin Noir: Poached egg with blood sausage and red wine-shallots sauce. This was fine. The blood sausage broke apart very easily. Did not quite get the taste for it unfortunately but my friend appeared to be satisfied with the dish.

Overall, the brunch was fine and decent. However, my experience at Les Halles were better when I ordered Escargots, Terrine Maison, Steak Frites, Onglet à l’Échalote, or Moules Marinière ou Portugaise.


This experience took place at

Les Halles Park Avenue
411 Park Avenue South (at 29th Street)
New York, NY 10016
212-679-4111 phone, 212-213-2065 fax

5 thoughts on “Les Halles on 29th Street & Park Ave in NYC – Sufficiently Satisfactory”

  1. I finally got my French restaurant experience at La Sirène on the eve of Xmas eve. The appetizers we tried were the mussels, octupus, and escargot,,,, the escargot won hands down for taste and seasoning… plus even the squeamish in the party of five had to admit they were great! The preparation of the sauce for the mussels was a teaser… the onions were probably sautéed butter and then in the white wine (I just re-read the blog post) – the rosemary (fresh seasoning) added its subtle flavor – the octupus did not disappoint, A bottle of wine and then came the entrees…. Suffice to say the ‘rabbit’ was tasty and satisfying, much to the chagrin of the rabbit lovers in the group who now think the wild rabbits in the backyard are at risk. It was a wonderful experience – thanks for posting !!

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