Creperie NYC: Great and Authentic Crepes!

Creperie NYC is a hole in the wall that serves great and authentic crepes. A friend and I took the time to drive down to the West Village location at Macdougal Street last week. We were a little surprised to see how small this place is on Macdougal. It was a tiny store front with a total of four counter seats and a bench outside the store. It was an open door operation with three crepe makers and one young man behind the counter. #AuthenticCrepes

We ordered a ham/egg/cheese and a bacon/egg/cheese. This is the prep before the crepe.

Here is the bacon on top of the egg and cheese

Ham, egg and cheese.

I was not convinced until I cut into this crepe. While the young man (who did not appear to be French nor speak French) was making the crepe, he made small tears in the crepe. Although looking pretty smooth in his moves, he was way too young to be a crepe master. I was wrong! This was savory and highly satisfying, despite the tightness of the store and counter (my friend had to sit next to the trash can because of how small this place this).

After the savory crepe, we shared a sweet crepe. My friend picked cheese cake, whip cream, strawberry, and chocolate. MMMMMMM. MMMMMM. Can you see how delicious it is? The cheese cake was a nice touch. It was still slightly cold but melting on the outside.

Nutella and powder sugar. It was heavenly. 🙂

Highly recommend Creperie NYC but don’t expect to sit.


This experience took place at

Creperie NYC

West Village
112 Macdougal Street
NY, NY 10012
(212) 253 6705

5 thoughts on “Creperie NYC: Great and Authentic Crepes!”

  1. Oh those crepes look so yummy! I just went to a cute little place in midtown (55th btwn 5th & 6th) called Le Bonne Soup and had a pretty yummy savory crepe. Might be somewhere that needs your expert review!

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  2. Hey thanks for following my blog. I really liked the “egg & cheese” crepe here. This is something really unique that I must try. I look forward to reading more about your NY food journeys!

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