Metro Deli in Scarsdale, NY – Not So Impressive. A Tongue Sandwich!

Best joke of the day: “Would you like to try my tongue?”  This happened while I was at the Metro Deli in Scarsdale, NY with a somewhat tasteless tongue sandwich and trying to share.  We found ourselves at the Metro Deli after a Breast Cancer Awareness walk, hungry and  dehydrated.  The food was really mediocre – if I were to be nice.  The grilled cheese was worse than what I could do at home.  The meatball pasta was tasteless according to my 11-year-old.  The burger was ok – and for that they got a mediocre rating.

Bland grilled cheese

Big fatty meatball with a lot of bread and not enough meat. Bland pasta.

The infamous tongue sandwich. Thank you for the joke. The tongue was also tasteless.

The burger was acceptable.

I don’t understand why they were so busy on that Sunday morning. I think the location is ripe for a much better restaurant to take over the brunch crowd, given how bad the food was.  Anyone interested?

This experience took place at

Metro Deli & Catering
(914) 472-4760‎

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