Saucisson sec, Dried Sausages, from Montreal

Meat post number 3 of the week. These are the #sausages I brought back from Montreal, mostly would be considered as French styled sausages.  These dried sausages or saucisson sec are so much better than their American counterparts in most of the gourmet markets in NY. Slice up some sausages and eat them with baguette!  That’s almost a perfect meal.

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I love this brand of saucisson sec, directly from France. Get it in a straight shape or bent.  🙂

These are the new organic saucisson sec we are trying this time, made in Quebec. The green one is very unique: the company claims that this is a sausage for vegetable loving people; made with pork and alfalfa. The blue one is made with pork and blue cheese; tasted very cheesy and strong. The blue is definitely an acquired taste.

This is Quebec’s version of the French saucisson sec. Not as peppery and more earthy than the French ones. It was great!


This experience took place at multiple shops in the Jean-Talon Market

7070 Avenue Henri Julien
Montréal, Québec H2S 3S3, Canada

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