Uva in NYC – High Energy Sunday Brunch with Cocktail, True New York Style

I don’t know about you but I have always wanted my Sunday brunch to be relaxed and slow in motion. Easy going, calm, and whimsy are the words I would choose for my brunch environment. At Uva – it’s none of what I thought but everything is fast and high energy. Uva is an Italian restaurant in the Upper East side of Manhattan. The energy Uva exudes are from the people, the pace, the way the wait staff talks to you, and the music. Oh, how about the food, you may ask? The food is excellent and the cocktail is not to be overlooked. Below is a recap on the food. #UvaNYC

FRITTATE ITALIAN-STYLE OMELETTES RUSTICA: Italian bacon, mushrooms, artichokes, smoked mozzarella. Doesn’t this frittate look good? It looks like a big moon pie but with eggs. All the fillings are what would go well on a pizza. This feels like eating a big egg pizza for breakfast which is an indulgence for a Sunday morning.

3 EGGS IN A BAKING DISH with mushrooms and ham. MMM. The photo of the baked eggs looks like a mummy head. If you look closely, the three egg yolks form the face of a bandaged man who has two big bulging eyes and one big open mouth. It reminds me of Salvador Dali’s painting – Face of War. See below.

Regardless of how the dish looked, it was delicious. The ham, mushroom and egg combo was a winner. I am somewhat biased because this combo consistently works for me in many forms.


FRAGOSA: prosecco, fragoli wild strawberry liqueur. Now, this is the fun part of the brunch. I recall between my friend and I, we had three to four glasses of Fragosa. It was fruity, the strawberries were cute floating on top, and we got pretty silly with the alcohol. Fragosa was a nice companion to the eggy dishes.

Back to the high energy angle, my friend and I sat in the backyard patio. It was a small enclosed area but filled with easily over forty people. Tables were close to each other. People, mostly women, were talking loudly over each other. The music from the 80s was piped in loudly from the speakers on the wall at each corner. There were a lot of utensils clinking, dishes dropping, and wait staff’s quick footsteps. It was a cacophony of New York at its Sunday best.

This experience took place at

(E.77th & E.78th St)
212 472 4552

Morello’s Dessert in Greenwich CT – Take Two on Oyster Night

When E and I finished our dinner at the Elm Street Oyster House, we decided to take a walk in the heart of Greenwich, CT for dessert. We came upon Morello Italian Bistro on Greenwich Ave. We were thinking – you know, Italians are good with dessert. Why not?  We were a little surprised. #flourlesschocolatecake #bomboloni

Bomboloni: Here is the menu description, “fresh-risen doughnuts, vanilla pastry cream, dark chocolate sauce.” Apparently this is their most popular dessert. Looks like mini donuts with cream inside. We poured the “NOT DARK” chocolate sauce over the bomboloni. We were both half expecting something great but it was not. It tasted like bread you could make with a bread machine. It tasted like sourdough. There was too little vanilla cream in the middle to overcome those deficiencies. The cream also tasted artificial.

One of my favorite dessert is the flourless chocolate cake. So I ordered, Torta al Cioccolato. Here is the menu description, ” flourless chocolate cake, rum caramel, candied walnuts, banana gelato.” It was acceptable.  It was not the typical flourless chocolate cake. It was fluffy like a brownie! But I wanted the butter and the egg experience.  Not a great one for me.  The positive is that the walnuts and the gelato were excellent. I think I would have enjoyed it better if they did not state that this is a flourless chocolate cake.

Upside: The coffee was nicely roasted, dark and dreamy. The nice waitress/bar tender took the Bomboloni off our bill since she knew we were not a fan. I guess I could give them another try.

We ended our night with silly laughter and stories from our past and present. When the company is this good, it does not matter where you eat your dessert!

This experience took place at

Morello Italian Bistro
253 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
TEL: 203.661.3443

Trattoria Vivolo in Harrison NY – A Delight Every Time

My friend Lisa and I usually go to Trattoria Vivolo when she meets me at work for lunch. Trattoria is a fine Italian restaurant by the Harrison Metro North train station. Lisa is a friend of the owner and each time we are there, two glasses of wine are always waiting for us. Today was such a special day that I drank!

Back to the food. The food has always been excellent and consistent. It’s down to earth Italian food. Fresh, simple and satisfies. Trattoria Vivolo takes away the need to home cook Italian.

This is the beet salad, with almond chips, green beans, cherry tomatoes, onions and mozzarella cheese. It was so good that both Lisa and I wanted to recreate it at home.

Here is the spinach wrapped in eggplant. Much much better than how it may look.

And we concluded the meal with a always cheesy and thin Pizza Margherita.

Cheers to a happy and content life! Let’s embrace life with the same freshness and simplicity Trattoria Vicolo demonstrated. Salute!

This experience took place at

Trattoria Vivolo
301 Halstead Ave
Harrison, NY 10528

Zero Otto Nove in Armonk, NY – My New Favorite Italian Restaurant

Zero Otto Nove in Armonk is one of the new restaurants by Robertos from Arthur Ave in the Bronx.  I was so happy that it came to my neighborhood this June.  Now I no longer need to drive the 45 mins into the Bronx to get authentic Italian food!  Last Thursday night, I brought 14 of my closest work friends with me to experience this culinary delight.

Oh!  Contrary to popular practice and belief, they will take your reservation when it’s a large group to spare you from hours of waiting, standing on your feet.  Their phone manners were not the best neither were their waiters.  The waiters seem to not hear when you call them nor are they flexible enough to take your orders when you are ready.  It was just a weird experience with their service.  They pushed a lot of wine on us… Coming from my wine background, I know how much margin the restaurant makes on these bottles of wines.

Just thankful that the food was good and I delivered on my promise.

Polipo alla Griglia
This is one of our appetizers. For some in my party, this is the first time they ever tried octopus. It was grilled to perfection. The tentacles were still soft but slightly charred on the outside. Thanks to the reluctance of my friends, I ate so much grilled octopus that night. Hehe… probably the reason why I ordered it. 🙂

Antipasto Freddo
Mortadella, sopressata, finocchione, capicollo, culatello, marinated eggplant,ricotta salata, green olives & spicy Sicilian pecorino. Could not really identify accurately what is what but everything was excellent on this plate.

Polpettine, Polenta & Caprino
By this third appetizer dish, I was full. But the small meatballs were very juicy. I did not eat the polenta.. though it is one of my favorites.

Mafalde con Salsicca e Provola
I have to admit that I did not sample most of the dishes below but my friends were all extremely satisfied with their selections.

Chilean Sea Bass Marechiara
Can you imagine this fish at sea? Apologies to the vegan friend whose dish did not make the cut onto this article. Brocolli rabe and cheesed over cauliflowers just look awful in the photos.

Orecchiette con Broccoli di Rapa
This was a popular dish at my table. Multiple orders! The almonds looked crunchy.

Linguini al Nero di Seppia
A very yummy dish but apparently got beat by the pasta with truffles!

Looks like Ravioli to me… Unfortunately, I did not get the name of this dish. It must have been a special. Who had this?

Insalata di Barbabietole e Burrata
This was my entrée. The Burrata was divine. 🙂 Look at the balsamic dripping line. What a beauty!

Mystery dish. Gotta ask my friend Mike what this was. My guess is that it is Vitello con Cotechino. Should have spent more time socializing at the other end of the table.

Special – Lamb Osso Buco.
This would have been one of my options for the entrée if I had the room.


Kind of difficult to tell from the photo which one of the 13 pizzas on the menu is this one. But I know the friend had a smile with this pizza.


Special – This is the infamous pasta with truffles. Multiple orders at my table. Apparently for a friend, this was the best thing she has eaten since slice bread… Not bad but a little entertaining at the same time. Of the top of my head, I can think of some other items that are better than slice bread. Appreciate the enthusiasm though!

Risotto alla Barbabietola e Brasato
Risotto! Exclamation!

There was so much food and wine all night.  After a while, I stopped keeping track of what was coming and who was eating what. At the same time, the restaurant was pretty loud so it made rather interesting disjointed conversations between you and the person not next to you. Not much better for conversations between you and the person next to you. It was a sensory overload night.

The entire table also ordered dessert. I ordered profiteroles and sadly I was disappointed. Should have gone for the lime sorbet to cleanse my palate.

Would I recommend this restaurant? Yes, for its food. But one should not expect to conduct a proper conversation since there is no audio insulation built in. Perhaps go at a quieter time and sit on its patio, looking up to the moon in the night sky. Reminded me of Italy.

This experience took place at

Zero Otto Nove, Armonk
55 Old Route 22
Armonk, NY 10504
Call: 1 914 273 0089

Village Social in Mount Kisco, NY – Hello Pizza!

A friend and I met up to have a leisure lunch during the Labor Day long weekend. We decided to go to Village Social Kitchen + Bar in Mount Kisco, NY.  Do you know that I have not had pizza since say, April or May this year?  Coming back from Taiwan and trying to avoid all Asian restaurants, pizza seems to be the extreme that could be both safe and tasty.  It was!


This is the Sunny Side Egg Pizza with prosciutto, tomatoes and truffles


This is my friend’s Grilled Eggplant Sandwich, with chili aioli, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and fried.  Look at those French fries!


This is our appetizer, salty pretzel tuna with kimchi aioli and scallion.  It is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside with a kick of kimchi.  Even the bees love it!  We got many bee visitors throughout our lunch.


The salty and sweet combo: salty peanut butter pie with sweet vanilla ice cream.

This is my love: flourless chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream.  It was ok. My utility went down very fast once I started eating. Too much American-type chocolate sweetness.  Basically, it was too sweet and made with the American brand chocolate. I prefer the European dark chocolate.  That’s ok.  I can always love again.

All in all, it was a very satisfying meal. We sat outside. The sun was shining and warm.  The company was excellent and the food was great.  We chatted about life and where we would go for a long weekend.  Will definitely return if I am seeking an easy and carefree lunch.  I understand the chef here used to work at Jean-George’s.

This experience took place at

Village Social Kitchen + Bar
251 East Main Street Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Roberto’s in the Bronx, Authentic Italian Cuisine

My foodie friends from out-of-town decided on Roberto’s in the Bronx, NY.  This is in the Little Italy section of the Bronx where authentic Italian food is known.  The restaurant is so popular that they don’t take reservations.  So you wait and wait until you have a table.  We arrived at 5:15pm and waited about one hour for an early Saturday night dinner.

But the meal is definitely worth the wait.  It was excellent even for me who generally avoid Italian restaurants because the Italian food here in the states is never as good as that in Italy.  I still miss the fresh grilled octopus and calamari when I visited Venice in 2003.  A little restaurant in the tiny alley way with less than 10 seats.  It was everyday eating: fresh seafood with a glass of house Chianti.

Burrata plus Calamari
Burrata plus Calamari

This is our antipasti.  Burrata and Calamari e Gamberi alla Griglia.  The calamari was so tender.  The Burrata melted in my mouth.  Wow.

Roberto's Burrata
Roberto’s Burrata

Here is the Burrata again in its full glory.  The capers were a very nice touch.

Tubettini con Polipo e Fave
Tubettini con Polipo e Fave

This was my dish.  I am a sucker for Octopus.  I cannot help it.  I have been told that Octopus has the equivalent intelligence of a three-year-old child.  I am still eating it.

Coniglio a Doppia Cottura
Coniglio a Doppia Cottura

This is the 1/2 grilled rabbit.  It was excellent.  Not gamy at all and delicious.

Penne Melanzane e Provola Affumicata
Penne Melanzane e Provola Affumicata

This is the penne with mozzarella.  Simple but very excellent.

Pasta Special
Pasta Special
Roberto's Pasta Special, cooked in the foil
Roberto’s Pasta Special, cooked in the foil
Chocolate Gelato
Chocolate Gelato

Can you really come to an authentic Italian place and not get gelato? Or anything chocolate?  I had the chocolate volcano, pictured up top.

The meal was very satisfying from the beginning to the end.  I have also come to find out that they recently opened a sister restaurant right in my town, called Zero Otto Nove.  Guess where I will be going soon?  Thumbs up!

But before then, it’s time to exercise to burn off those pasta calories.

Roberto’s Restaurant

603 Crescent Avenue
Bronx, NY 10458

Via Vanti! In Mount Kisco, NY

Via Vanti! is a cute little Italian restaurant in the Mount Kisco train station in Westchester County, NY.  It looks a bit small when I first walked up to it.  Once entered, I was greeted by eager and smily hostess and waitress.  The vibe was easy-going and low-key.  The decor was modern chic with a heavy hand on the color red.  The place seems to be frequented by the locals.

The food was what I would consider as new Italian, taking influence from here and there, using in season ingredients, and preparing dishes that fit the palates of New Yorkers.  I had the Red Quinoa & Grilled Shrimp with chunky avocado and mango salsa.  It looked so inviting that I almost forgot to take a picture before completely destroying the plate.


This is Couscous & Grilled Vegetali.  As you see here, my friend already dived into the food before I had a chance to photograph it.  It looked very inviting and my friend polished it off in no time.

Via Vanti seems to be big on gelato and sorbet, claims to have 18 varieties daily.  The menu looks impressive.  I will have to try it next time.  It was a good night out.  Will definitely return to try the gelato.


Via Vanti! at the Mount Kisco Train Station
2 Kirby Plaza
Mount Kisco, NY 10549