Sweet Yummy House 三好小馆 in Elmhurst, Queens, NY- Cheesy Name and Poor Hygiene Gets an A from NYC Department of Health

Sweet Yummy House’s Chinese name, 三好小馆,  means “Three Good Things Little Restaurant.” It does not refer to anything sweet nor yummy. As I begin describing my experience at the Sweet Yummy House  in Elmhurst NY, I want you to remember that this restaurant received a grade A from NYC Health and Mental Hygiene Department on October 8th this year. Although my visit was in September, this rating should still apply. Here is the screen shot of the Grade A from NYC Department of Health website.Sautéed Cabbage in Hot and Sour Sauce四川泡菜。 This is definitely not sautéed; it is pickled. This is an inaccurate translation. But the dish was darn good. A perfect representation of the Sichuan cuisine: bold, flavorful, and spicy!Spicy Pork Kidney 麻辣腰花。 I was not a fan of the kidney but my friend loved both the kidney and the wood ear mushrooms. The slightly metallic taste strongly cut right through the spiciness. The photo sure is colorful and inviting. I think the photo looks more tasty than the actual dish.Diced Rabbit with Red Chili Sauce 麻辣兔丁。 This was just bad… The bone was still on the rabbit. The peanuts and the sesame created a weird contrast to the bones – they were all chewy and crunchy just at different levels. If you get a mouth full of bones, peanuts and sesame, your mouth would be confused by the size and the hardness. Your teeth would not know which to chew first because there is no right answer. The peanuts were the best part of the dish. I could not tell that there were rabbit meat involved. It was mostly bone!Sautéed Potatoes Leaves. This was excellent. Fresh veggies quickly sautéed in the wok. Can’t really go wrong unless you overcook it.Wonton in Red Chili Sauce江油抄手。This was acceptable.

The food, overall, was not bad. Mostly tasty. Sweet Yummy House offered authentic Sichuan dishes that are rarely seen outside of heavily concentrated Chinese neighborhoods. So that was a treat for me, for an Asian living in a white-washed suburban town. The restaurant had mostly Asian diners, even young kids who spoke only Mandarin (with Beijing accent, with the Fujian accent and with the Taiwanese accent). I inevitably eavesdropped and translated the conversations around me.

So I left the restaurant thinking that this was a good experience until… Both my friend and I had mild tummy aches and further digestive trouble for the next 12 hours. It’s either the rabbit bones or the hygiene of the restaurant. My money is on the hygiene or the lack of it.


This experience took place at

Sweet Yummy House 三好小馆
83-13 Broadway
Elmhurst, NY 11373
(718) 878-6603

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