Appétit Bistro in Port Chester, NY- My New Go-To French Bistro in Westchester

Calling all friends and foodies of Westchester, there is a new and excellent French Bistro in Port Chester, NY! The food was fresh and outstanding. The menu was short and perfect. The location is easy to get to. After sampling Encore Bistro Francais in Larchmont and Rye (meh to ok in my opinion), Le Provençal Bistro in Mamaroneck (ok and expensive), Le Jardin Du Roi in Chappaqua (much better than the other two above), La Panetière in Rye (slightly over-rated and stuffy), Red Hat on the River (no written review but it was excellent), I believe Appétit Bistro in Port Chester, NY will be my new French bistro go-to. French bistro is my comfort food… this means a lot to me and it’s only because Appétit Bistro scored very high when I went at the end of August.Calamars á la Plancha: Tomato / Avocado / Basil Pesto. Delicious. The squid was tender and with a slightly they texture. The seasoning was perfect. Loved the texture contrast between the avocado and the squid.Baked Clams: Special that day. Really fresh. Really juicy.
Red Snapper: Yellow & Green Beans / Heirloom Tomato & Truffle Vinaigrette. I loved the beans and the sauce. Therefore, the fish was  also excellent.Moules-Frites: PEI Mussels / Mariniere or Saffron-Tomato / Fries. Who can say no to Prince Edward Island (PEI) seafood? The PEI mussels were as good as the PEI oysters, which are one of my favorites. I am a sucker for seafood and moules-frites when the mussels are clean and fresh and the frites are fried perfectly.These were perfect. Perfectly French.

I often write terribly when the food is real good. When I recall the experience, none of my descriptive vocabulary comes up. All I have are the bodily sensations of oohs and aahs. This is one of those times.

In addition to providing an excuse for sub-par writing, I want to state that I am not writing this post while hungry. I just had a 3am snack. Therefore, my recall is true to the outstanding food that I received that night. Highly recommend Appétit Bistro in Port Chester, NY.

P.S. to Appétit Bistro, please have separate page titles/URLs for different areas of your site. It will help with your SEO ranking. As an example, every time I mentioned your name in this post, I can link to multiple areas of your site to make your site more relevant.

This experience took place at

Appétit Bistro

540A Willett Avenue,
Port Chester, NY 10573
Phone:(914) 690-2000

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