Fujinoya in Hartsdale, NY- Asia in a Confine of Food

Fujinoya is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Westchester. I find it to be as close to authentic Japanese food as I can find in the area without trekking into the City. It’s frequented by Asians and non-Asians who know their Asian food. To read about my last two posts on Fujinoya, please click here and here.

Agedashi 揚げだし: Deep Fried Tofu (soybean Curd) With Japanese Radish Bonito Flakes & Special Sauce. Good but didn’t enjoy them as much since they were fried.

A collection of pickled vegetables (sorry, I don’t know the Japanese name for this dish). This was great. It was sour and mouth watering. It was not exactly what I expected – there was a miscommunication in the order.

Grilled Porgy: The Japanese way! Grilled to perfection. Yum. Cannot wait to have grilled fish everyday when I spend my month in Taiwan, starting next week.

Nabeyaki Udon: Always homey for me. My go-to when I am sad or hungry. Gives me a sense of comfort, warmth, and fulfillment. I am not big on rice but I am all about noodles.  I think I am made of noodles.

Sushi Special A スシスペシャル: An assortment of various sushi. Fresh!

Highly recommend it. This is Asia in a confine of food. This is Asian culture with its love for food. This is what I grew up with. This is what I love.

This experience took place at

26 S Central Ave
Hartsdale, NY 10530
(914) 428-1203

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