Sonora in Port Chester, NY – Diverse Latin Menu with a Mother’s Day Brunch Prix-Fixe

The Sonora Restaurant in Port Chester, NY came highly recommended by a colleague and it did not disappoint. Sonora serves food from Cúba, Argentina, Colombia, México, just to name a few. The Latin flair and decor of the restaurant, the flavorful seasoning, and the friendly but respectful wait staff made an enjoyable food experience, despite my boring dining companion. Take a look at their diverse Latin menu here.

Cúba CHURRASCO: Grilled skirt steak topped with Quail egg + lobster and sweet plantain Chino-Latino fried saffron, lime garlic mojito. I loved this dish. So heavy yet so yummy. The rice had a mixture of dried squid and tiny fish that reminded me very much of a Taiwanese street vendor dish. The Quail egg on top gave it the gooey texture that I love. Big smile from remembering the experience of eating this dish. In comparison, the skirt steak was just as expected.

Argentina PARILLADA: Meat Plater with Shrimp, Skirt Steak, Chicken Breast, Chorizo, yucca fries and Garlic Mojito. This dish looked impressive from afar but I cannot tell you if it tasted good because I did not try it. The person who had this dish was so boring that I wanted to keel over and play dead just to get out of the conversation.  I sure was not going to ask to try the food.

This is how the Parillada came, on top of the burners to keep warm.

Home made cookies. They were average.  Boxed cookies were better.

Bottom line, the food was very good and I would definitely return… by myself. Sonora has a Flamenco night and a Mother’s Day brunch prix-fixe special… Calling all Fathers who needs a location for a Mother’s Day brunch. 🙂

This experience took place at

Sonora Restaurant
179 Rectory St
Port Chester, NY 10573
(914) 933-0200

2 thoughts on “Sonora in Port Chester, NY – Diverse Latin Menu with a Mother’s Day Brunch Prix-Fixe”

  1. I just went there last Friday with my friend Debbie for dinner. Loved love love it! I was going to tell you about it the next time I chatted with you about it. I actually have my own post in the works!


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