Red Pipe Organic Cafe in Forest Hills, Queens, NY – Average Coffee and Below Average Pastry

Red Pipe Organic Cafe in Forest Hills, Queens, NY is a popular local destination.  I was recently there twice and the experience was consistently average.  These are photos from the first time.

Cafe latte with soy: C+. My Italian friend said that this was a nice attempt at mimicking the espresso from Nespresso.  Nespresso coffee is what I drink at home and at work.

My latte with a chocolate croissant. I asked for the croissant to be warmed up. Seriously, who would eat a cold chocolate croissant? Don’t you want to melt the warm, sweet gooeyness inside? I was handed a staled and room-temp croissant. Even after it was warmed up, it was still rubbery. Bad bad pastry!

My other friend ordered a strawberry and banana smoothie. He made the mistake of asking whether they can add protein into the smoothie. There was a miscommunication on what protein they had that can be added into the smoothie. My friend got mad because the server did not understand him. As it turned out, it was the worst smoothie my friend has ever had. Grade = F on the smoothie.

Only go for the average coffee and the empty seats.

This experience took place at

Red Pipe Organic Cafe

71-60 Austin St
Forest Hills, New York
(516) 900-7160


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